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Listerine Strips - can anyone confirm this is true?

My chemist hasn't been able to get them from the suppliers for a couple of weeks now, and they told me today they have been withdrawn from sale due a possible risk to mouth cancer!? :eek:

I tried another couple of chemists in the area (North Manchester) and they said they have been withdrawn by the suppliers but didn't know why!

I've tried boots and superdrug in Manchester city centre and Trafford centre and they are all no longer stocking them!

I rang Lipotrim before and they said they knew nothing about it, and the girl wasnt really interested because they don't make it, they just recommend it! Not allowed to use a mouth spray, so she said I'll just have to carry mouth wash around with me! Which obv. isn't practical.

Anyone else know anything about this?? Or anywhere in Manchester that is still selling them?! I can't survive Lipotrim without them at work!!!

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Er i havnt heard this but i carry mouthwash around with me - not as impractical as you think! ;)


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get them on an internet auction site! ;)
I'll be really pee'ed off if this is true - I bought £9 worth of 'em this weekend!!!
Oh! This would be a nightmare :( They are a godsend and also help me at the end of the day to curb any pangs before bed


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if they dont cause you any harm carry on with them! :D
I persuaded my mum to buy me 6 lots of 3 x strips. So all in all we spent £20. inc delivery they have been delayed untill the end of the month . xxx


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I bought mine off ebay as all last year I couldn't find em in Tescos or Asda etc...I bought cinnamon ones from usa...same ingredients. I can't use em that often though if I took em as much as I wanted I get black spots all over my tongue its minging. :jelous:
i know aspartame is banned in loads of countries and that is essentially what the strips are, they are disgusting.... dont google aspartame if you dont know what it is.. ignorance is better as the shakes are full of it too, as are the sweetners you use.. therefor lipotrim ios aspartame tastic.....


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:eek: cinamon!!

They sound amazing!!!
They are in a way, still get the mouthwashy taste but yummmmmm cinnamon I stocked up last year and bought 5 packs x 3 my Oh stole most of them cheeky sod lol
dentyl mouthwash is what i use never had the strips


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oooh god im glad i didnt find any after readin this!!

and i absolutely dont want to know whats in lipotrim as its magical to me at the moment ahaha xx

I got some in Savers (Pack of 3 for 99p) they also had siongle one for sale as they expired in March so bought a few of them also.

I love listerine strips and used them even before LT.

If anyone is having problems getting them i dont mind picking them up for you and posting :)

I was originally paying £2.85 for a pack of three, untill i went to savers :) ;)

It would be legendary if you could get some for me and I will pay you for them and postage etc etc!!! Send me a private message if your offer still stands!!

Legend.... Thanks!! :)

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