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LL - I need to this to suceed

Why when is it that as soon as I decide I am going on a diet/heathly eating campaign I end up with loads of stress. It is as if I am doomed. I need to write this down and keep it going to help me sort out my emotions.

I am and addictive eater, which is made a whole lot worse when I am under stress.

My dear daughter has just wound me up so much I could eat a whole loaf of bread, or preferrable 12 eggs sandwiches.

I need to get through this perhaps writing my anger and emotions on here my let them out a bit, so that I have some sort of normality in my life and can try and work out the pattern.
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Well I managed not to punish myself by eating yesterday in spite of the stress. Whoo betide the reason for the stress was resolved this morning anyway. Just think I could of had a great big binge on my first day of trying again and what would that of done for me.

I did however eat more than I planned but it was free food so am quite proud of myself as I feel it is a start.

So onwards and upwards.
Well I wasnt 100% yesterday and I am still here. I am not going to run away everytime I have a blip. This is gonna be for life and I need to learn how to undo all the years of stuffing AND not get worked up if I dont succeed one day or two.

I know I can do this because on holiday I was brilliant around food, there was no stress either, so it can be done I just have to try and find the key.
Well yesterday was a brilliant day for me, no over eating, staying on track and not eating too many sins either.

Today however, feel a bit weak so gonna make sure I fill in my food diary otherwise well you know.

I must not sabotage my good efforts of yesterday.
Well although I felt weak yesterday I had another whole day without sinning and am feeling really pleased with myself.

I also feel a wee bit better, not so depressed about this bloated body, as it feel a wee bit less bloated. LOL.

This site and SW online and filling in my food diary is really help so I must keep at it.

I am going away for a night and day and will be going out for a meal but will try and pick healthy choices, but if I dont then will be straight back on again on Sunday.

Pat on the back Mary.:)
Well been away having had to meals out and cava on one day, but you know what, so what, I am back home and on tract which for me is great.

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