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LL in the news...

Can't be bothered

I'm so fed up with the press slagging off LL.I was in the hairdressers yesterday and picked up a magazine. There was an article there with a before and after pic of LLBs wife looking superb in a green evening dress. The journalist was saying that LL seems to be the new designer diet for women over 35 and she'd been left behind while her friends had been losing weight. Somehow she managed to give a negative impression. Same as usual, she didn't really know anything about it. :mad:


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I saw a really positive article in this month's Cosmopolitan - Holiday moments that changed my life. Really good, so will take it into class with me this week.


I'll have to eat my words !!!:D


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Such a shame the press has to slate LL, if it wasn't for LLBs wife chatting on breakfast TV, I wouldn't be at target now.


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where is the negative article rachel?
loving your pics btw!
daisy x


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just read it
well, what can you say...
heard it all before

the diet works - if you follow it and if you go back to how you ate before you will end up big again

not rocket science

doesn't mrs LLB look fantastic!

daisy x


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What's the 'free life long support'?
if you complete RTM you can keep going for weigh-ins and support forever

daisy x
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This is not the first time I read something negative avout lighter life but I don't care. it works for me.


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Tish - ANY weight loss program that charges is open to allegations of 'ripping people off' - what about WW where some people literally spend YEARS shedding the same couple of pounds - or is this somehow more socially acceptable.

And Who Cares about the shape/size of the LL founders? One thing the LLC stress is that weight is a PERSONAL choice and when to stop losing and/or maintaining is entirely your own choice.

Evangelical followers - you bet, but only because IT WORKS!


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Yes the Daily Mail at it again - they are obviously in the pockets of their advertisers. It is a fact that Weight Watchers and Slimming World have suffered by losing members to LL. Is there a link?

I think so.

I have posted my comments on the Daily Mail site but as they ask this particular question, I doubt they will be allowed - it will be interesting to see how much the Daily Mail value free speech after all their support of a free press!

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