LL Magazine for Nov/Dec


Loves VLCD's !
Has anyone seen the LL mag for Nov/Dec ? All the success stories are amazing and inspiring but the story of Jackie Turnbull is SO motivating .....I think because this could be me in the future :D She looks fab.

Also saw the Coleen Nolan story in "Woman" who has lost 3 stone on LL and she looks great too !
Just sent OH to buy it for me! :D

I read the Woman Colleen story too! My only criticism of that was that it didn't say whether she went into maintenance or not and really just focused on the fact she'd lost the weight.

I don't know about others, but for me I am particularly interested in hearing about LL maintenance - which I don't really know much about....
Hi Malissa,

I got Woman and Coleen Nolan looks fantastic, she is a beautiful looking woman anyways, but she just look so much younger with the weight off.

I was sorry to read though that she has lost the weight more for her fiancé Ray than herself:(

"Although Ray still loved me, his desire for me was waning. It could have reached the stage where he didn't fancy me any more and I'd have forced him into the arms of another woman. In fact, he's since admitted that I was a stone away from him not wanting sex with me at all"....

Goes to show she has no confidence in herself as a woman and I don't think much of Ray as what will his next excuse be if he does happen to fancy a bit on the side as obviously their relationship is so superficial...she does not wear the right clothes or :confused:

It does sound that a lot of her comforting eating is to do with their relationship as she says..."Because I felt hurt, I'd tell him that if he didn't like me the way I was, he knew where the door was. I'd also sit in front of him eating a bag of crisps.Eventually he told me straight that I was getting big and needed to lose weight."

I would love to know if the counselling has helped her but doubt it because she is apologizing for herself for being fat and that their sex life hangs in the balance if she regains weight....

Love Mini xxx
Yeah.. exactly..... I didn't think much of Ray either ...

I want to be married to Phil Vickery (if I weren't with gaijinboy of course.... ;) ) who keeps on singing the praises of his wonderful wife Fern Britten. I read an interview recently where he was just going on and on about how gorgeous she is and how when he first started seeing her his father called him a "lucky sod"!!
Yes Fern has charisma and sex appeal because and has not in recent years allowed her weight to make her feel less sexy as a woman.

I do remember back years ago she did struggle something awful with her weight and depression.

I think it is very unfair that the pressure that now faces her is that the industry she works feels she might lose "her girl next door charm"...I think this is ridiculous !!!

Fern will still have the same personality fat or slim, because that is a part of her that is unchanging...

I think in Woman this week she looks exceptionally well and healthy looking and I do think the bit of weight off her also makes her look much younger already.

At the end of the day it is about our health and when we have a healthy weight and feel good in ourselves that is what matters.

Not the size it says on the label...but I would love myself to see a size 10!!!

Which in this day and age is not considered mad skinny by any means.

I agree her husband Phil is a pet and he adores her for who herself and that always comes across.

Love Mini xxx
That was also an interesting article on Dawn Down who claims her diet of carrots beat ovarian cancer...

She is five years since her diagnosis and a recent scan had declared her 'all clear' with no sign of any cancer.

My husbands Aunt died from ovarien cancer.

Love Mini xxx
Coleen's fiance is a pig !

Yes Woman had lots of interesting stuff in it, I don't usually buy it, it was the LL story that attracted me.

Can't agree more Mini and gaijingirl ! If I was Coleen I would lose that weight for me. But her fiance, if he was mine would get a swift kick somewhere painful ! :mad: I read it to my OH and he was disgusted too. I am suprised she can't see that it makes him look like a blackmailing unreasonable pig. Lose weight or I'll have sex with someone else ? She should have let him ! :p Then found herself someone supportive and human.

Okay rant over :)
Not got it yet since my local Tesco does not stock it, but has anyone noticed that every magazine you open now has a LL advertisement in it? Maybe i'm noticing more cos i'm on the diet but i think i would have remembered all the advertising before hand!
Over here there is a LL advert in the local paper every week since around June or July....maybe LL upped the price to cover all the new advertising they are doing?!?! And before anyone gets offended, this is not me having a go at LL, I just heard the price went up by around £20 quite suddenly a while ago!!!
I am sure I saw somewhere on this site that LLCs have to agree to spend so much money on advertising each year as part of there agreement to being an LLC ? That would account for an increase in local advertising but I guess its Head Office that is paying for all these glossy ads. Wish I had done LL when it was £20 cheaper ! Ho-hum!
I also saw Coleen Noleen in Woman and she did look fantastic but i would be really interested in seeing Helen Lederar (I've not spelt that right i know!) the comedian on the LL DVD's before she started the programme. Has she already featured in a magazine?
Does this help? :)

"Comedian Helen Lederer is no longer the fat one on the stage, having lost three stone on a medically approved crash diet. She tells Cassandra Jardine what it was like not to eat food for three months"

Telegraph | Health | 'All I have ever wanted is to feel normal'

Thanks Boots for that article!!!

Helen's husband is a GP and he fully supports vlcd's....

here is what he had to say...

Her husband recommended that she try the LighterLife diet that he had prescribed for several of his obese patients. Lederer decided to give it a whirl. Crash diets have a bad image but this one is medically approved for those who are three stone overweight, and involves monitoring by a company counsellor and a GP.