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Long time fan.. first time poster


from FAT to FIT
I have to admit I've lurked this site for over a year, dreaming of the day I would have the courage to post.

I decided I would only post when I was truly ready to start my journey, and here it is !

I'm 40 and fat and miserable. I weigh 284 lbs according to the scale 5 minutes ago. My goal weight is a realistic 165 lbs that I hope to attain by one year from today. October 24 2011.

Ideally I'd love to lose the majority of the weight by June 7th which is my wedding anniversary date. This is a crucial date for me as my husband and I have recently separated. We didn't separate because of my weight, we separated because I'm a miserable woman right now and my weight is to blame, it consumes every aspect of my life. I want to prove to him and myself that I am finally serious about my weight issues and how it has affected my life and ours and I want to have an anniversary to celebrate.

I'm looking forward to the journey and getting my life back :)

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Welcome to Minimins and congratulations on getting the courage to post on here :)

I'm sorry to hear about your recent separation, I know how it feels to be constantly miserable because of your weight, I was unhappy for a long time before I finally made the leap and started my journey.

I wish you all the best for your weight loss. This place is great for support and motivation, so I hope you find what you're looking for and that I'll see you around the boards.

Good luck!
Hi and welcome. It is very friendly here and hope you will soon feel at home. Sorry to hear about your separation. you say you are doing your own VLCD. Tell us more.

And good luck.

Irene xx


from FAT to FIT
Hi there , thanks for the welcomes :)

as for 'my own vlcd' i just meant that I'm using the theory behind the 'very low calorie diet' I'm using fitday to monitor every morsel that goes in my mouth and from there I can monitor my fats, carbs & proteins. I'm 'trying' for a 20, 20, 60 combination and staying between 800-1000 calories , 1200-1500 on a cheat day to boost my metabolism and avoid the 'starvation mode' . I have a low carb whey protein shake every day in the morning then plan the rest of my meals with the left over available calories and %. I'm not starving and I can't do shakes , I need to chew food lol and I can't afford the meal replacements so I'm working within my options. I'm very creative and have a lot of recipes, based on research of foods I try to stay gluten free and the only carbs I consume are good carbs from fresh fruit etc. and use only good fats. I drink a lot of water and make sure to take my vitamin supplements for any nutrients I may be lacking. I had a lot of success with this last year (45 lbs in 3 months) however due to an illness (not from the diet) I had a setback and gained it all back so here I am starting all over and yes, the separation is unfortunate but it's the boost I needed.

Sample of my diet today

breakfast: protein shake (made with 1/4 cup coconut milk, water/ice & half a banana) = 233 cal.

snack - apple = 72 cal.

lunch: 1 can of tuna (small can, low sodium) mixed with 1/2 diced tomato till the tomato juice covers the tuna and it's not so dry and spice with 'no salt' table spices..serve on sesame rice crackers (gluten free) = 116 cal.

snack - 4 medium celery stalks with 2 tbsp spoons of hummus = 78 cal.

dinner: 4oz chicken breast (2tsps olive oil)with 1 cup cooked spinach, sprinkled with 1 tbsp of slivered almonds and one spritz of fat free butter spray & lemon juice. = 310 cal.

desert: fat free jello = 10 cal.

total calories = 819
24% carbs and 31% fat, 44% protein,

this seems to work for me.. any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated :)


Violet is shrinking
Hello and welcome to the forum. i know how it feels to be miserable because of your weight,in fact i think everyone here does..we all help and support each other and im sure you'll the support you need from us here.

sounds like you would be good at doing a food diary here,they really help.

good luck!



from FAT to FIT
thanks bunny_hops :) i'm accustomed to fitday right now only because it's the one i've been using for ages and i've got all my custom foods programmed in there.. i'll check out the ones here though i may make the switch !


Violet is shrinking
my fitness pal is a good one too!

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