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Looking for a diet partner

Hey folks,

Im looking for a diet partner online where we have a friday weigh in and swap meals info to keep interested. Not looking for someone to compete with just someone to share tips and compare.

Im 31yrs Male plays sports but has been lazy recently.

Give me a shout if your interested, if there is 2 or 3 people then could be a group venture.

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hi robert :)

im up for this. are u following any particular diet?
well ive tried JUDDD in the past which is basically, u eat up to 500 calories on a 'down day' and up to 2000 calories on an 'up day' and you alternate between up and down days. it does work but needs willpower lol the good thing about it is that if u really fancy something specific on a down day but cant have it, u know u can have it the next day :)

my problem though is i tend to do ok for a while and then fall off the wagon in a big way and take ages to get back on it

how r u doing so far?
Being honest I've just gave my self a shake and decided to get fit. I play ice hockey and weight was never a issue even now it's not massively a issue just need to get fit. I've started eating salads and drinking water and going to start bit of light running. The reason for my post if I have someone on same diet and having weekly chat about ideas it will make it more interesting am same as you in will power is difficult. Do u wanna do the diet u tried before and we both have same down days and same up days? Instead of 2000 up days make them 1750?? Am opened to any ideas . What's ur name am Robert . Live in south west Scotland you?
I dont mind giving JUDDD another try if ur up for it. at least u play sports thats half the battle really - exercise. I'm Sam from Devon :)
Hi Sam.

So tomorrow we start? Is that ok?

We both have a weigh in tonight???

So a down day is 500 calories and up day is 1750. This will be test of will power.

Devon , never been there. Heard it's nice in summer.

Do u have a target loss u wanna get too?
thats fine with me :) oh yessssssss u need willpower for this lol

ive set myself a mini goal to lose 29 lbs, ultimately i need to lose 103 (i think) to be 9 stone - being fat really sneaks up on u until one day u think how the hell did i get like this

do u want to lose any weight? or just get fitter?
I want to lose 2 stone to be comfortable also my fitness needs to improve. Tonight I ram 3 miles wasn't too bad but defo harder than I'm used too..

I think am about nearly 16 stone but bit not flab do have bit of muscle..

It won't be easy but let's do this...!

Good luck we can do this x
2 stone is definitely do-able, anything is really, its better to look at it in stages though, so like if 2 stone seems a lot, look at it as though u want to lose just 7lbs, then when u do that, think u want to lose another 7lbs, smaller goals make it seem easier

16 stone isnt too bad, how tall are u? height helps lol

yeah we can do this :D
its annoying u have to 'earn' being able to have a profile

i dont mind what today is, i havent had anything to eat so far so could go either way
im having a few slip ups but nothing too bad, how about u?
fruit normally and cup-a-soups, the ones i get are about 60 calories each, so i can have soup and fruit for meals. i have other stuff but it depends what i fancy, like if i want a doughnut that is 200 calories, i have it but only have 300 left for the whole day.

since ur a bloke and are taller than me u could probably have more than 500 calories per day, u could go up to 750 which makes things easier and gives u more food choices, but its still low enough to lose weight :)
im 23 and im 5 foot 2

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