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Looking for a weight loss buddy!

I have 60lbs I want to lose by Christmas.

I would love to have someone to do this with so if there is anyone that wants a buddy I'm available! :D
(please tell me I don't sound like a billy no mates :eek: lol)

Anyway i look forward to chatting to you all!
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Welcome on board and good luck. There are lots of people at all different stages of their weight loss journey and we are all here support, advice and a bit of a giggle.



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We're all buddies here!

I'm just starting out, I'm on day 6 and just had chicken and mushroom soup for lunch!

Have you started yet?
Hi Porgeous and Shadaca great to meet you!

Yes I am on day two now and doing great, it feels good to be in control doesn't it!
hiya, welcome to minimins and cd :)

lots of advice and support on here hun, everyone is going through the same thing @ different parts of there journeys.

day 2 yayy :) x
Hiya hun, just echoing what others have said really - this forum is such a friendly place you will never be short of buddies :D

I'm on day 7 of a restart but have lost over 40lbs so far in total! You can do it :) keep it up! xxx
Hi there MB. Good luck with your Xmas goal. I unofficially started yesterday (am seeing cdc Weds), on 3 shakes/soups a day and a small meal of chicken/fish and green veg, am hoping that's what 810 is (if not it's near enough :D).

What plan are you on?
Forgot to add porgeous, you look fantastic in your new pic. :)
Thanks guys for the welcome, it's so nice of you!

I'm on SS+ right now but hoping to go down to SS when I feel ready.

The thought that I could actually be 4 stone lighter by christmas is just amazing to me, and looking at a lot of the people on here, it is very achievable too!!


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Hi - I need a buddy to so willing if you are? I am about to embark a restart tomorrow. I need all help I can get. I am right now very determined.
Hi 161ds.
Yu will be pretty much at the same stage as me, 'm on my second day of a re start after 4 weeks off the wagon :eek:

Sure we can help each other through !! :D
Hi manolo blahnik - thats great news that we at the same stage. Hows your second day going? I am sat drinking my first shake of the day (I love the shakes) after a long walk with my dogs so feeling quite positive. I just pray the positivity continues!
I would love a buddy or two, or three, the more the merrier.

I started on Saturday so this is my third day. It has been fine so far and I have spent endless hours on here and the cambridge diet forum.

My CDC started me on SS+ as she says that through experience client seem to do a lot better if they are not restricted to three shakes at the beginning of their weightloss journey.Her reasoning is that evening are the killers and aftern eating dinner the concept of a long night without any food is very off putting so she starts all clients on SS+ and moves them down to SS after a couple of weeks if they wish to do so. Because of that fact i am finding it pretty easy at the moment and am having to find ways on including the extra shake.

I am starting at 12.12st and have a target of 8.10st to reach a BMI of 22.5. I can't weight.

Anyway, I would love some buddies to chat to, so count me in.
Hi sevenate9 and 161ds.

I'm on SS+ too, althuogh in a few weeks time I might go down to SS, we will see how I go!

I find drinking the water really hard so I will admit to having coke zero, my cdc says that this is okay, but I have heard that many disagree.
I figure it's better than diving for the biscuit tin and if it gets me through the day then thats fine by me!

It's good that we are all at the same stage more or less.
I can't wait to get into ketosis, by then this will be a whole lot easier!! :D
Hi sevenate9 and Hi manolo

Great news that we are all roughly at the same stage. I am currently on SS. Think what you guys are doing is probably a good idea as its very difficult to just go to no food immediately. Good luck to you both.

Here is hoping I get through the next 24 hours!
I am also not eating any food either I am actually on the version of SS+ that means you drink 4 shakes plus 200ml of skimmed milk. The extra shakes does make a difference.

Oh, I jushed finish my slushpupyesque toffee and walnut. I used my hand blanger to crush down some i added cube, added cold water and the powder. It took me about 45 minutes to drink it as it was so cold and I now feel very full up. One more to go for toniht and I think I might have a vanilla pack with coffee (which I never drunk until this diet) and my milk to make a hot latte = delish :p
Sevenate - Ah I like the sound of your plan. i have in the past had an extra shake when I have struggled (I cannot see the harm better than falling off the wagon-right?) How do you have your milk?
Susan, is that to do with losing the nutrients? I just took that long because it was so nice I wanted to last.

Well if I am having a latte I warm the milk up in the microwave. I try to spread the 200ml out over two shakes, so 100mls is one and the other half later on in the day.
yes hun its the nutrients.xx

I split a choc tetra between 3 coffees during the day , they are lush.xx

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