Looking for life changing help !!!


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Hey all,
Well i have discovered today that i really am not satisfied with my job at all, i am my own boss, well partnership really but i need to change for my own sanity i think !

Have you any ideas?
currently i run a teastall .
Have any of you made career changes good or bad would love to hear your experiences!!!

Thanks xxx
I just wrote you a rambly self indulgent reply but it got deleted somehow just before i posted it.

Probably for the best.

Do you have any idea what you want to do? Interests or past careers you want to get back into?

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Thanks bex and coley,

Well i am not qualified for anything but not adverse to the idea of training but i do pay the bills so i am worried about the financial side of it i have 2 kiddies and i worry i will be giving up there security for my own selfishness i would love to train to be a midwife but thats 3 years at least we would lose the house !

Feel so very defeated , I know the diet has suffered greatly working with food all day !

Sorry rambling again xxx
Could you maybe not do midwifery part time and have a part time job to keep things going. I'm not too hot on benefits and childcare allowances since I'm not a mother myself so I'm not sure how it would all work out.

But......this is something that will make you happy and improve your future until you retire!!! Doing this would make the future better for your kiddies as their mum would be happy and fulfilled! so maybe there are some sacrifices that need to be made?

You'd need to look into it in more detail, and I'm sure money would be very tight, but it's a case of what do you want more??:confused::confused:

Nicole xx
A lot of places will let you do it over 5 years part time. Does seem like a long time, but to boost your happiness.....is it really such a long time?

Best of luck! at least you're looking into things and being proactive! good job!

Nicole xx
Hey Nicole thanks for your reply,
The course for midwifery near to me is 3 years full time course and i couldn't get any further afield .

I will have to look into finances and stuff !

Thanks again x

What about doing that and becoming a CDC as well???
It could help pay for you whilst you are training and help you stick to the diet too!
Feel so very defeated , I know the diet has suffered greatly working with food all day !
Have you tried Learn Direct? learndirect - not sure which course to do?

My friend wanted to come out of teaching and transfering such skills one of many options which came back was dog training; variety is the spice of life!
BTW, she's still a teacher but part-time now.