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Looking ill/feeling ill normal?

Hi All,

I'm 2 weeks into CD and my family are starting to comment that I look ill, pale/tired and I get quite dizzy etc.. I also spend a lot of time feeling ill, I thought it might be because I really needed some food so I had a little bit of plain chicken breast earlier but within 5 minutes it all came right back up :9529: (which is good in a way lol).

Is it normal to struggle with sickness while adjusting to this diet? haven't got a bug or anything so just curious!

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No.. this level of side-effect is not normal.

Dizziness and headaches normally settle after a few days and only tend to show themselves as a sign that you are not hydrated enough.

Are you on the right number of packs and are you drinking enough water? It may be that you are brewing something anyway and the CD timing is just co-incidental.

Here is the list of side-effects etc Cambridge Weight Plan: Consumer FAQs: Side Effects: Why do I feel cold on the Cambridge Weight Plan Sole Source programme?

I would suggest giving your CDC a call tomorrow and having a check up with your GP.
Thanks Goreygirl, trying to up my water today and hope that this makes a difference :)


please try again
i get dizzy at various times on cambridge. for me i can usually pinpoint it to either not enough water or ive left it too long between packs


yummy mummy in the making
I was rather dizzy yesterday afternoon and did think I was gonna faint at one point and it's purely because I didn't have enough water from
When I got up! My own fault!


please try again
the looking ill i cant help with as ive taken to looking shockingly awful of a morning, pale with big black eye bags, lol
I'm knocking the pints back today!! I'm really worried I'll faint holding the baby or something so I need to be really strict with my water I think :) x

Thanks all
Judge by the colour of your wee... pale straw is nicely hydrated.. anything darker is not hydrated enough.

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