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Looking younger?

Me too Kat! Funny thing is.. I look in the mirror and honestly think I look loads older :eek:. More grey, more wrinkles and a scrawny neck LOL.

Liking my face much better though, so don't really mind if it looks older or younger.
I don't think I look particularly younger but I'm dressing younger/more fashionably so I guess that has an effect
Ahh Snorks - you may have hit it on the head.

Instead of hiding under shapeless baggy items and skulking in the corner - I am choosing clothes that show off my new shape to it's best. I have actually opted for a particular style and a combination of clothes that go together - instead of anything that fits at the time. I no longer skulk and walk much taller, looking people in the eye.

Yes, I probably do appear younger to others, but its a whole me impression rather than just my face they are commenting on!

Hey - that's a lightbulb moment for me :D.

:D You're welcome! I do find when I wear my older clothes, i feel dowdier and duller. My newer clothes give me a bit more confidence - if that translates into a younger/more vibrant effect then who am I to argue!
I agree with everything youhave said

I think I am in danger of being a bit "mutton".
I'm tempted to wear clothes that are too young for me that I haven't been able to wear for years, such as minis and leggings and bling.
Am I trying to re-live my youth? make up for lost time?
I don't want to fall into the 16/61 syndrome - 16 from the back, 61 from the front !!:confused::cry:
Oy, you madam - you are in no fear of being mutton!! Nor are you near the 16/61 factor either! Bite your tongue Mrs! You are gorgeous, and you are full of life and personality and it shows in your clothes!! Seeemples. :D You always look great!

And if we are recapturing some of what we missed out on - hoorah for us - its our right! We spent half of our lives missing out - high time we had some fun, however we decide to!

And if anyone out there doesn't like it- tough patootey! :D

You are beautiful. Just as you are.

ooooh thanks pal

You are so kind. I hope you are feeling better. Hope to see you on Monday.
LLC arranging another photography session for us and moving location soon.
Think you've stumbled on something here. Today I was told I look like "my own younger sister"! I'll let you decide:

Gosh Beeswax, you are stunningly pretty!
You're all lovely - thank you! It's only a stone so far but I am quite little so it's proportionately a lot. And I couldn't have done it without all of you - I've been checking out all your pictures (believe me!) and you all look amazing, too!

I wonder if it's partly because when you're overweight and unhappy with it, you (not *you* exactly but *one) LOOKS unhappy? I think I look very tired in my previous pictures, which can age you. Whereas when we lose the weight we look bright and chirpy and a bit dazed because we can't believe what we're seeing in the mirror ;) ?


Is back in the saddle!
What a lovely smile you have Bea!! And it certainly has come off your face quick.

As you are only 5', I should think that the loss ratio to someone like me at 5' 7" or Kat at 5' 9" could be half as much again!
You certainly do look years younger and also have beautiful skin and a gorgeous smile. xx
You're all a bunch of lovelies (and hotties!). Thank you for saying such nice things - you've really made my day. And I wasn't fishing, honest!

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