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Loose flesh?

Hi, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post!

I'm currently trying to decide which VLCD I should go on. I'm 5ft 4inches, a size 20 and weigh about 15 stone. I'm vegetarian and I think a large part of my weight problem is my lack of protein and excessive carb intake. Also my husband can eat what he likes and stays a normal size, so I've been dragged into his eating habits and put on about 2 stone in the 4 years we've been together. I think a meal replacement diet would be good because then I can distance myself from his eating patterns. However, I wondered about doing something like W8 where I'd have 1 normal meal a day as well.

What are other people's experiences?

Also as I'm so overweight (and I've recently got some horrible red stretch marks on my tummy) will I have loose flesh if I lose weight too fast? Is there any way to avoid this?

I'd be really grateful for your advice, thanks
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Getting married July 2011
Firming creams from day 1 help, plus exercising your problem areas. I personally order creams from the states for the skin problem.
Tightening Loose Skin
But others use products from the supermarket and they work fine.
Exercise wise, you're probably talking crunches and light weights for the arms. Or take the easy way out and order a Slendertone System abs belt, controller and arm pads. That's what I did!



a new way of living!
hi Guen,

which products do you use from that site? looks interesting.




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I'm on W8 and love it because you can eat a 'normal' meal at night, and the Spag Bols are amazing!! I've lost 23lbs in 4.5 weeks so far. would definitely recommend it..


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If your skin is going to be "loose " then it doesnt matter which diet you do .weight watcher slimmers world vlcd all are going to have the same effect .
You can help by using products on your skin and also lots of water helps to keep skin elastic or so Im told .
Think its a bit of a lottery as to wether your skin shrinks back or not (age yoyo dieting long term overweight all play a part )but its got to be better to be thin .You also have to give your skin time to adjust so about 6months/year before its settled.
Good luck with your journey xx dont give up over something that may not happen lots of peeps skin has returned to very exceptable appearance xx


Getting married July 2011
I'm using Trireduction Protect and Restore in the Morning and LacSal Cream at night. There is a stronger version of the Trireduction tho, it's called Super Cop, but the LacSal cream is the strongest one containing that active ingredient.
You need both, at opposite ends of the day.
They smell oddish, not offensive, just strong.
They also improve appearance of stretch marks, really well. I have been using them on my lower tyre, but not my upper one, and the stretch marks on my lower one have literally disappeared, and the ones on my upper one are still there!!


rainbow brite

Guen are they expensive?


a new way of living!
wow they sound pretty impressive, i may just invest in that. i dont have any stretch marks (that i can see) but i do have a tyre or two that i want to go firm when the fats gone :O)

thanks again
You definitely are hun :) Definitely can't stretch to that this month but maybe next month I can, been doing lots of overtime so I deserve a treat ;)
I think any good quality vitamin E cream should really help, but definately the water will keep your skin nice and supple too. I think once you have stretchmarks or have a propensity for stretchmarks, there's little you can do other that hekp them to look smoother, which creams will do - I have use Stri-Vectin which is knock off expensive and i'm not convince there was much difference in skin quality that any other cream. So I would maybe use an all round lotion until you can up the anti when you've saved your pennies - good luck xx

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