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Loose saggy skin

Hi everyone,
I am new and will be starting CD tomorrow. I have a concern that if I manage to loose all my excess weight (approx 7st) will I be left with a lot of loose skin.That is my worst fear! Any advice welcome especially to anyone that has had a big weight loss in the past,
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Hi Baby Jane
Welcome to the site and good luck with cd.;)
A friend of mine lost 6 stone following SW a few years back.She didn't have any saggy skin apart from on her stomach which had a lot of stretch marks on it from having 2 children.
She went to her doctor and he agreed she could have tummy tuck on the Nhs.
After the op she had a few problems with infection etc but on the whole she was very pleased with the result.:D
I suppose some people would be lucky enough to be able to lose a lot of weight and not have saggy bits I think it depends on the elasticity of your skin.
I do know that if I manage to lose nearly 3 stone my stomach will be saggy because it is quite wrinkly now with having 2 large babies:D
Hope this helps.
Hi MissyMV6,
Thanks for that, I also have had 2 kids and a few stretch marks. I'm going to concentrate on getting the weight off first as I am so fed up being this size.
Thanks again XXX
No problem.;)
Another friend of mine (hark at me with all the friends lol ) lost a lot of weight using WW.
I hadn't seen her for months and months and when I did I hardly recongnised her:D
She had just come back from Greece so she was very tanned.I commented on her weightloss and she lifted her top up to show me her nice flat stomach.She did have a lot of strechmarks but they didn't look that horrible with the tan and she was so so so confident about herself.
There maybe is hope for us without surgery;)
i am 28 and unfortunately cannot blame the stretch marks on having children, just the constant yo yo dieting over the years!!
anyway let me get to the point, with weight watchers you are not going to get the very fast results as you do with a very lcd so i can only say moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!!!! any cream but maybe a firming cream etc twice a day may reduce the sagginess and increase elasticity therefore preventing some of the sag!!! i have managed to get what were bright RED stretch marks down to light brown with palmers cocoa butter concentrated formula for strech marks - did the bio oils etc but actually palmers for a few quid actually got rid of the bright red. I tend to manage once a day but if i wasnt so lazy and if i had more weight and therefore more skin to tone, i would be slapping the stuff on morning and night. any firming cream should also help - see whats on offer and get massaging it in everywhere!! will stimulate the cells too with the massaging strokes. i also try and use a detox scrub once a week which really has been helping and makes your skin surprisingly baby soft and they last forever!!!
so good luck and sorry for rambling on.
Don't worry - be happy !!

Hi, i know what you mean. I am still losing, 8.5 stone so far another couple to go.I am relieved to say that the loose skin around my tummy is going. It's firming up now. A friend told me it can take about a year for it to get as good as it's going to. The batwing arms are the worst bit for me, but it's still so much better than being so overweight. i have decided not to have surgery - no matter what.
You'll find your self confidence comes back with every pound you lose.
Good luck. :)
Well, I've gained back about 50 pounds that I lost - so please don't go by my ticker... But, I did lose 50 pounds before and I've been overweight my whole life. I followed some advice from a few places and it really, really seemed to help alot. (having said that everyone is different but I've shared this with a few others and it seemed to help them too)
1. Dry brush before showering. This takes about 3 minutes. Rub in circular patterns. (including as far back as you can reach on your butt and hips and lightly on your breasts)
2. After shower, do not towel off. Instead, rub some kind of oil (I use Neutrogena Sesame Oil but whatever) all over. This holds the moisture into your body. Don't towel off afterwards. You will dry very quickly because the oil makes the water suck into your body.
3. Water, water, water, water, water, water.
4. If you can, get a medicine ball (not very heavy - like 2 - 4 kg) and do some exercises with it. It is strength training only really fun. This seems to help your muscles which makes your skin look much nicer.

Anyway - I know there are loads of other tips but these are a few! Good luck on your weight loss!
I've lost 5st so far and have no loose skin yet, the younger you are apparently the better your chances of teh skin returning as younger skin has more elasticity. You can help with mosituring and toning. Slow steady weight loss gives your body the chance to allow the skin to regain it's shape apparently as well.

this might not work for everyone but I use any body cream and mix it with vitamin E oil or virgin olive oil(yes the cooking one). If it's too greasy for you just add a few drops of oil in your bath water but be careful not to slip in the tub. It works . For the face I normally open evening primrose oil capsules as the concentration is high and use the oil as a night cream. I know by now you think I'm mad but it does work.

Much love

I too am worried bout saggy skin, but I THINK Id rather be slimmer with saggy skin, than fat! x
anyway let me get to the point, with weight watchers you are not going to get the very fast results as you do with a very lcd so i can only say moisturise, moisturise and moisturise!!!!
The OP didnt mention doing WW, shes doing CD, so not sure where the WW comparison came in :confused:

Baby Jane IF you do get loose skin, that can be sorted, but even if you do the benefits you get from being slim and healthy will far outweigh the problem of a saggy tummy :)

Good luck with CD :)
The OP didnt mention doing WW, shes doing CD, so not sure where the WW comparison came in :confused:
I think she was referring to Missymv6s friend who did WW and lost weight and had a lovely flat tummy! x

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