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  1. Bibby

    Bibby Member

    I'm having a really bad day today. B/F snapped at me earlier. When he wasn't in the room I started crying. He doesn't know I was crying, but knows I'm pretty p*ss*d with him as I've been slamming the doors and pretty much ignoring him.

    I really, really want to eat. I guess I'm a comfort eater at heart, and I need comfort. I want to eat more now than I have done up to now. I just feel really down today, like everythings going wrong.

    I've begun telling myself that this is pointless - I might lose the weight, but once I stop with the LT I'll just put it all on again anyway, so why punish myself like this.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can cheer myself up?! I don't want to eat, but I do... I know that doesn't make sense, but I hope you know what I mean!
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  3. Well if u make it through today then u can make it through any other day. Just take it day at a time.

    Make up with ur boyfriend and have sex or something? That seems to be the best option here.

    1. Remove bad feelings so now longer want to comfort eat.
    2. Good for the door hinges.
    3. You get your hole.
    4. Sex burns calories.
    5. Kills some time so u have less time to think about food.

  4. no pain no gain!

    no pain no gain! Full Member

    oh bibby.... honey, please cheer up. I know how you must be feeling. Ive been feeling down since this morning and just wanna eat, eat, eat. had a row with hubby too. doesnt help when people around you are stuffin their faces... ah..... i can smell the dinner cookin :(

    what helped me to stay away was the thought of how would i feel after ive had somethin to eat... and would i really wanna go back to day 1 on LT???? NO WAY!

    you can do it. and youve had such a brill 1st wk loss... work the way you did last wk and that will be over a stone off....

    cheer up!:)
  5. BellyFlop

    BellyFlop Silver Member


    I'm having a hard time too, today....so I know how you feel!:cry::cry:

    I am not physically hungry but my emotions are all over the place and when I'm stressy I eat....BIG TIME!:rolleyes: (My marriage ended weeks ago and we are still in the same house!!!:eek::eek:)

    I have a little cure for this....I have a box of new small clothes and some beauty treats that I will not allow myself until I am further along in my journey....going and looking at these helps me a bit!

    If you're anything like me, you sound a bit impatient and a 'want it now kinda gal'...LT will make such a difference to you in just a few weeks time...keep that in mind, and also you are probably just still in 'first few days' which can be a real bugger, but once ketosis hits you will find it easier!:) Please try hard not to eat, as you will feel so much worse afterwards than you do right now! I also suffer with stooopid guilt issues thinking I don't deserve to be slim (cause I've been fat for so long) so I may as well go eat, but I don't and I won't!:):confused:

    Maybe a lie down or paint your nails, look at your fave fashion store website.... anything to keep you on track!

    Lisa xx:)
  6. xx Cathy xx

    xx Cathy xx Bye Bye Huge Bottom!

    I'm sorry you're having a crap day hun. Keep your chin up though, it will sort itself out and at the end of this you will have lost your weight and feel much happier in yourself. Everyone has their fair share of rough days and its days like this that really test your willpower. Thats what this site is for, to give you support when you're needing it.

    Go patch things up with your OH, lifes not worth arguments and you'll feel better afterwards and if you're one of those couples who does make up sex then you get some added excercise too (only kidding).

    Hope you're feeling better soon hun, stick with it cos you'll only feel worse if you break it.
  7. nursedi

    nursedi di

    I know how you feel hun cause I'm a comfort eater too. Either make up with him or go for a walk or something but if you do give in and eat dont beat urself up about it so start again tomorrow. I went and got drunk last night after my 1st week but today I'm focused again so dont worry. x
  8. scousemouse0151

    scousemouse0151 soon to be minnie mouse

    run a nice bubble bath and you never know your beloved may just join you, arguement over lol
  9. scazman

    scazman Full Member

    Go out and get bladdered!

    Oh damn, that ain't allowed on this diet!

    Pig out on chocolate?

    Not allowed either!

    Dump your boyfriend? That might make matters worse though and deny you the chance of comfort sex referred to by Julz.

    I got it...ignore all advise from men!?!?! That's probably the best bet!
  10. Bibby

    Bibby Member

    Lol! Thats brightened me up no end.

    Well, I've been good. I've been keeping myself occupied scrubbing the floors. Most of the house is laminate floors, so I was down on my knees for hours.

    CANKSTER Silver Member

    Go out, buy a rabbit lock the door and go solo, will cheer you up i guarantee x
  12. nursedi

    nursedi di

    If i got down on my knees my hubby would be behind me all the way lol. Thats why I dont!! lol
  13. rainbow brite

    rainbow brite ~Starsprinkled~

    LOL! I was just waiting for someone to pick up on that comment! :D
  14. Sara4

    Sara4 Gold Member

    I am a comfort eater too! First off ..... you've just accomplished a huge thing! You've recognised that the reason you want to eat is purely for emotional comfort! So if you eat .....who wins? You - DEFINITELY NOT! Other half - Nope! So NO ONE WINS! Instead fire yourself up to on this ONE occassion to break the cycle! Don't eat this once and then the next time something happens you know you have won this battle before and you can win it again!

    A big part of my LT journey has been my recognising that food changes nothing. If you eat oh and you will still be grumpy but you will be even worse because you will be mad that you ate! Part of my LT journey is trying to find a new relationship with food. Where it doesn't control me! I hope to enjoy food but to control it!

    Hang in there babe and I hope this made sense! (I'm inclined to waffle!)
  15. brilliant!

    excellent! well said! xox :)
  16. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Well said Sara.

    We all have our bad days but things do get better - honestly. You must try and get your mind off food because you will only be angrier with yourself if you do eat.

    I lost it with my mum 3 weeks ago and we haven't spoken since - although I did text her last week to wish her a good holiday. I know it was just hormones at the time although it was tempting to blame LT and eat! I didn't coz I know how proud of me my OH is for sticking to this diet. Instead I bought myself a new pair of shoes!!!!!!

  17. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    I agree with Futures bright ...make up sex mmmmmm
    And crankster comes in second...god i love my rabbits hehe
  18. serendipity1980

    serendipity1980 Full Member

    good post sara. Make up, it is not worth the hassle and you need all the support you can get at the moment. think of what you can achieve and resolve not to let anything get in the way. I like the cleaning idea, i need something to keep busy too, and im on week 13!

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