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Losing Weight for IVF?

hi hun
i'm not having ivf but I wanted to wish you all the look in the world I know how hard ttc is I was trying to conieve for my son for 5 years and have known alot of woman though babycentre that have gone though ivf.
good luck hun


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im losing weight for ivf whats the current off point for weight is it 12st ??
I'm losing weight to aid our chances of having a baby after we've been trying for 5 years. Haven't gone down the IVF route yet (did one course of IUI 2 years ago but it failed), but IVF is now looking likely as we've been having the tests again (new consultant and they've lost my previous test results) and they've now found that both my ovaries are polycystic and I also have a tilted uterus. We're due back to see him again in early August but I'm thinking that's what they are going to say.

I'm not sure on the weight limited for IVF, I think it goes more from your BMI (IUI did anyhow) but I'm here if you want some support hun as I know how difficult it all is :) xxx
I need IVF but can't afford it. Originally, I was told to get my BMI under 30 before they'd treat me. I came away and ate more!
It hit me today that my BMI is now low enough! Still can't afford it but glad if I won the lottery I'm in the right range now.
I get one free go on the NHS where I live, but I've been told that the waiting list can take years. I think it's stupid and wrong that it costs so much and it effectively prices couples out of the market to have children. I'll keep my fingers crossed for that lottery win for you :) x
i was told ivf was the only way i would concieve told them i wasnt interested for me every time they put the egg back i would have bein preg didint think i could deal with it anyway i lost a bit of weight gave up thinking this could be the month and yep u got it fell not once but twice s girls there is hope even just losen that little bit weight can make a dif hope u are all as lucky as me :)
Thanks for sharing your story. It's nice to know that there is hope out there. I gave up long ago thinking that that month could be the month and saved a fortune in pregnancy tests to boot! We all don't know what the future holds and it is hard staying positive at times but I try not to think about it being the be all and end all and we've got a plan if it doesn't happen.

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