Lost my job before it began :(

So... as some of you know I have been over the moon as I recently was offered a job in my local Student Union doing Bar work. I was dead chuffed and looking forward to my first shift.

Anyways... was sent my first schedule. I was scheduled on for 5 hours 10:30-3:30 am... and I would have had to get a taxi both to and from work as it is dark (which would have cost me 1 1/2 hours of my wages)... hmmm...
So 5 hours work... 3 1/2 hours wages :(

So my concern was that I'd be spending so much of my wages to get home each day.

Not good...

Next I discovered that at some time (as I discovered shifts are based on a rolling rota) I might be rostad to do a whole shift of glass collecting! I don't mind doing it as part of a Bar shift... but no way could I do several hours.. I suffer from claustraphobia and I had to give up a job before that I loved because of back strain... this would be too physical for my back...

So the long and the short of it is that they (my employers) were very understanding but let me go... as they were unable to accommodate my needs.

So... I am now left back a square one a little battered and bruised from it all... as I really was looking forward to it!

Just thought I'd share it with you as I don't really wanna have to explain it several times and people are bound to ask how my new job went...

Just when things were really starting to look up!! :eek:

Chin up anyways! Tomorrow brings another day! :)
am sorry to hear that...but maybe its for the best

as the old saying goes - 'whats for you wont pass you by'

I try and maintain that philsophy with work in particular.

Darlin - it sounds hellish to me!!! I'm sure you'll be able to find a job more suitable and less horrible!!! I think you've had a lucky escape!!
No point at all doing a job that would have a bad effect on your health: best all round that you're free to find one that will suit you better.

I'm sure the right one will be just around the corner! :)