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Loud or Quiet dieter?

Was just wondering what type of dieter you were?
Do you tell everybody you're on a diet or do you keep it to yourself?
I tend to keep it to myself, my partner obviously knows, but I haven't even told my mum and dad! Recently a couple of people at college noticed I'd lost weight and asked if I had and I just said yes! The one girl did ask how so I said slimming world.
But other people announce it to the world that they are on a diet! For example last night went out for a meal and me and my mum were ordering the food and chatting to the waitress about wine and she said she can't have wine at the moment as she is on a diet and its too many syns per bottle and she can stop at just on glass! And that alcohol and eggs seem to affect her weightloss!
So of course I instantly knew she was on slimming world!
But it just got me thinking because I really wouldn't want to tell random people like that!
So just wondering what most people do? Do you tell everybody or keep it to yourself unless people ask??
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I have told everyone close to me - it helps to explain why I won't eat or drink certain things anymore.
As other people are starting to notice that changes, I am acknowledging that I've been 'dieting' (don't really think about it as a diet - more a life change) since mid Jan.
I feel quite proud of the fact that I'm doing something about my weight problem and have no issues in telling anyone who may show an interest!!!!
Good post - it is interesting how we all approach these things.
my mom and dad know, obv my boyfriend, my friend who joined with me, told a friend as we went out for food. oh and my sisters know.
i dont just tell people tho, its only if they need to know, like if we are going out and will be eating or something :)
I'm a loud dieter in a way. I don't tell people unless I need a excuse not to eat but if someone asks I usually can't stop my self singing sw praises I love sw and I want others to feel as good as I do. I only rabbit on when they say they want to lose weight or are dieting I wouldn't if they didn't show intreset in sw


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My husband, my parents and 2 of my friends who also follow SW knew from the start. I don't think it's anyone elses business really so wouldn't just announce it, but if asked I don't have a problem with saying that I'm dieting. One person at work has noticed that I've lost weight and congratulated me and now asks how I'm getting on every week which is nice but no-one else has noticed (or said they have noticed) yet!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
In the past I've always kept it to myself, I think because I knew my heart wasn't in it and that I probably not being doing it again next week! But this time I'm happily telling everyone and anyone that I'm doing Slimming World - I'm very proud of my achievements so far xxx
I'm a bit of a loud dieter I think though I don't go around announcing it to the world, if the topic is brought up I could talk for England. My husband is really supportive but I think he just switches off now and umms and ahhhs as I rabbit on! The only time he'll properly listen to me is when I've come in from wi but I think that's because he knows if he doesn't I'll go on and on and on....

My mum knows and now my sister who i think might join SW too which would be fab but I've not really told anyone else yet.
I agree with Devon dumpling, I think when I started I didn't want it to be a big 'look at me' thing in case I failed but now it's been a couple of months I'm more likely to say something.
When I first started I told my sister & OH. My MiL, who is my saturday night wine & choc partner still doesn't know I've been following SW since Feb 09 & I don't want her to know as she'll just bring more chocs for me to eat!

If people notice I've lost weight I'll tell them & if it comes up in conversation I'll say so but otherwise I just keep it to myself.

At a funeral recently my mum told a group of people I was dieting:( I was a little upset as I'm so close to target & it's the impression other people have of you which bothered me, they'd never seen me before & have no idea how much I've actually lost (14lb).
I tell my friends & family, sometimes other people if they start offering sweets. I don't tell everyone but just mention it so people I know don't buy me treats etc.


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I only tell if I'm asked! I know too many people who crash diet and go on and on about it to everyone, then the next again week they're going to macdonalds for lunch and saying how crap the diet was. I don't want people to think I'm doing the same so I don't announce it. I also find people want to feed me if they know I'm on the plan, you would think they'd know better eh? My bfs family are the worst culprits! Sorry I'm going off topic now lol
As I have dieted for years and kept it quiet people just seem to know. This time however I am not on a diet, I am just changing my eating habits and I am happy to tell anyone slimming world in my mind shouldnt be seen as a diet but a lifestyle change, and why wouldnt we shout that from the roof tops?
I've told people that I know. Me and my friend joined at the same time and it's all we ever talk about sometimes!! I do put my WI result on FB every week without fail (good or bad - although my worst is a STS - once), it keeps me going!! I wouldn't start spouting off to a waitress or bar person or something.... but if people ask me I will tell them :)
I am loud - not meant to be but I think its my way of apologising to everyone that I am fat and saying look i am doing something about it ....
Hmm, not sure about this one! When I started I didn't tell a soul except OH and I was new in town so didn't know anyone so no-one found out.
Once I'd lost a stone or so and people started to notice I did say I was following SW.

These days I talk forever about SW if I am asked about it. I have no qualms about saying I can't do something on a Tuesday night as I have "fat club" (my words!) and everyone I know knows I follow SW!
They ask if I want cake or pud or a biscuit and don't take offence if I refuse.

So, I was quiet but no I'm loud if asked about it!!
All the girls at work know, cos the majority of us are on SW or trying to lose weight by other means! It's also meant that there is pressure to do well and it's worked for me. My family all know too and my cousin has recently joined me at group.

I too post my WI result on facebook - mainly for my mum's benefit and so other friends who always ask can see. A couple of parents at work (nursery) have recently asked if I've lost lots of weight and how I did it, so I told them!


Slowly Getting There ....
I have one friend that knows....

...but it may be 'out there' already as son came in from school and saw me with 2 rich tea creams and said I hope you know how many syns are in that, mum!

...his friend looked like he knew what son was talking about


Oh well... I got through nearly one week keeping it to myself..... lol

I try not to tell anyone i dont have to!

My OH and close friends know. A few are in my SW class now too as a result of my losses!

People in my team at work know...

Thats it really - i dont want lots to know, as i dont want to be 'monitored' and ive been on a million diets before and failed every time, so i dont want to tell anyone!!!

I keep it off Facebook as much as possible, for that reason....just people can be very judgemental! x

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