Louis is back home and bold as ever!


This is my little pouch Louis. He is a Japanese Spitz and he is four months old. He keeps me going, anyday I come home in a bad mood I can't help but smile when I see him coming running! I love him so much. Just thought I'd share a few pics and maybe get the ball rolling for other thread on our furry wee friends! :)

This is the little brat the day I got him, so small and cute!


This is his attempt at hiding when its time to come inside!


This is just my fave picture of him


And this isn't a very clear one but this is as you can see in the corner of the pic, taken after he has completely destroyed something and he just flakes out beside the fire, legs everywhere! Love it when he does this, its just SOO lazy!


And very last I swear, hope its not too boring, this is his innocent pose!


If someone had told me four months ago I'd be a dog owner and love him this much I'd have thought they were mad!
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Absolutely beautiful and I have fallen for him already!!!

How big will he grow?

Love Mini xxx
Hi Mini

The pictures of him conked on the fireplace and hiding outside is him almost grown, he is nearly there now, he will never grow past knee height and most of that will be his hair! He turns into a complete furball when he is an adult!
My little pudden is sick. Been up all night with him vomiting and he is yelping in pain when you touch his stomach :( He is in the vets at the moment on a drip, poor little thing is very distressed as am I. I know he will be ok, just hate leaving him there all scared, he was shaking with fright :(
Hows he doing?

Our dog was very poorly a couple of weeks ago with a infection, and i had found out the week before he has kidney disease which will lead to kidney failure.

We have got anoher puppy in 5 weeks which is also a staffy as Icky used to live with his dad til he passed away so needs some company....

I'm sure you'll have him back home soon

Hi Celtic chick,

I do hope your Pudden is okay???

Thinking of you and please let us know how he is, he is such a cutie!

Love Mini xxx
I'm overwhelmed with all the lovely replies! It is so so nice of each and every one of you to take the time to reply to my thread. :)

Louis ( AKA Pudden:D ) is home safe and sound and is being bolder than ever, don't think he is too impressed with me leaving him in the vets!! I'm letting him away with it for today though :p He had some sort of bug. Thank God it was nothing serious, I couldn't be without my little guy!
Fantastic news so glad she is okay!!!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

Here is a big bone for Pudden
:D :D :D