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  1. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Ooooook so here I am...again....overweight again...feeling hideous again!! Weighing in at 16.10 and on day 1 of a brand new me! Well that's the idea anyway, I've started and restarted more times than I care to remember but I can truly say that this is the 1st time I've felt this low about myself and the way I look so this time I'm determined to see results and stick to this!

    Saw my Cambridge counsellor yesterday and I'm armed with all my packs and ready to get going! 1 pack down 2 to go!
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  3. jay631

    jay631 Member


    Good Job in getting back to it.. I only started on tuesday and already feel like a burger!! I am determind like you to rise above it all and see some results. Keep going you know it will be worth it in the end.
  4. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Awww thanks! Yep, rise above it we will! I think once we start seeing the results it should spur us on to keep going!
  5. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Ok so today wasn't particularly good, actually scrap that today wasn't good at all! Ate dinner with the kids and have no idea why...habit maybe...greed??! Well I do know that it wasn't hunger because I wasn't even hungry...?, I'm going to try not to get too caught up in the regret of my actions and move forward.
  6. Daisy65

    Daisy65 Silver Member

    I Lou, I am in a similar position - lost 6 stones and put it on again. Tried to get back onto the diet every week last year and failed each time but am now finally back in ketosis. I am trying not to dwell on my last miserable failure and am looking forward to get back into the size 12s I wore in 2012. You'll be feeling fab once you see the weight falling off!
  7. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Hi Daisy Thanks for the encouragement! Well here goes day 1...feeling determined, going to have a sneaky weigh in to see the damage from yesterday....woken up with a little bit of a tummy ache, in the plus side I drank shedloads of water yesterday so at least I'm ok with that side of things, not all bad eh! 3 packs lets gooooo!
  8. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    Good luck, you can do this!!!
    Keep drinking the water, do you like black tea or coffee? I didn't but do now lol. Think I've just got use to it. Also green tea is good. Get through the first week and then your past the worst x

    Wk 1 -8lb
    Wk2 -6lb
    Wk3 -3lb
    Wk4 -4lb
    Wk5 -3lb
    Wk6 -3lb
    Wk7 -3lb
  9. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Thanks Liz, I know I just need to get through these next few days to really feel in the zone, I'm going to have to really practice mind over matter! So far I don't feel too bad today although I haven't actually hit my danger time yet which is evenings but If I feel tempted I will just remind myself of how I felt yesterday after I'd eaten which was absolutely rotten! Seeing your stats and others on here really gives me motivation to keep going!
  10. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    How easily things can change in a few hours, starving and craving food more than anything, where is my willpower?????
  11. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Oh lawd! Totally overdid on the water today and was bursting so badly that I very nearly wet myself and had to run in a bush to how should I say, relieve myself with immediate effect....totally ridiculous and embarrassing, think I need to invest in some tena lady....what a day....and to top it off my brain is screaming out for goodies...focus Lou focus!!!
  12. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Feeling your pain! I've just had scrambled eggs, I need to find some willpower from somewhere and fast

    Vanessa x

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  13. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Vanessa hi! I feel like I'm mentally retarded!!! I soooooo want to be slim and then instead of just getting on with it, I'm pining for crisp n cake helllooooo, I must be one totally confused lady lol, ok well I may Aswell just put it out there that I've just devoured fish fingers aaarrrghhh, I should've had some scrambled egg like you, hmmm, I hadn't even thought of that!
    Last edited: 28 February 2014
  14. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Well it's done now, so either continue to beat yourself up or GET back on it tomorrow!!! I'm really fighting it this time I've just cooked my son curry and nan bread I was dribbling lol!!!

    I've had eggs either scrambled or omelette most nights as just need something to chew!! Also a hot choc mint drink in the evening is gd.

    Perhaps ur not quite ready to start again? You know war it's like u have to b in the right frame of mind to do this. Or just keep telling yourself it's not forever, do day by day xx

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  15. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Oh gawd I can't not be in the frame of mind to do this now, there's no choice in this matter...I've got to do it now! I'm going to draw yet another line under it and get back on it ASAP!

    Dribbling lol I can imagine, know that feeling only too well! At least your sticking to it and being sensible!

    Summer is only around the corner and I really don't want a repeat of last year, that's too depressing to even think about, hiding out on hot days and instead of enjoying the warm sun, struggling to cover up every ounce of cellulite on show lol gosh that thought is enough to keep the hunger at bay....

    How much weight have you lost so far and what weight are you hoping to get down to Vanessa? I think I'd be quite comfy at 12 stones and I haven't been that low since 2006, gosh nearly 10 years I've spent feeling crappy about myself...not good!
  16. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Well I did this diet last yr and lost 2 stone in 6 weeks but this time I'm now in week 7 I think! I've lost 14lbs but had a few cheat days!

    I think we beat ourselves up when we cheat but u gotta remember we're in such low calories so it's good that we even made it this far! Right make a deal if u feel ur gonna cheat come on here and talk to me cos I'm gonna struggle at the weekend! We can support and moan together lol.

    I'd like to get to 11 but gonna get to 12'7 first!!! Baby steps xx

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  17. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    Oh and yes feeling down on myself is my speciality x

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  18. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    It's a deal!

    Weekends are hard but let's spur each other on! I'll probably be on this site for much of the weekend lol defo need all the help I can get! I'm seeing my counsellor on Wednesday for weigh in and I sooooo need to shed some weight by then!!

    Let's do this!
  19. Daisy65

    Daisy65 Silver Member

    Last weekend my tactic was to get out of bed as late as possible! I am seeing my CDC on Wednesday too but haven't yet had the guts to get on the scales.
  20. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Hey Daisy, I'm sitting here laughing to myself because that is exactly my plan!! Defo going to try and get up as late as poss! I even let the kids stay up a little later than usual in the hope that they'd have a lie-in to allow me to have a lie-in!! Lol the things we have to do to make life a ill easier on this diet eh!

    How's it been going? So Wednesday is the day for us...! We've got 4 more full days until then to shed some lbs, I've not been too good so far but I'm hoping that I can redeem myself by then lol
  21. gerujool

    gerujool Silver Member

    It is a deal! We can do this and will do it! Right first coffee of the day now coming up! It's 7.30 on a sat morning an I'm wide awake, wats that all about arghhhh.

    Here's to a gd day x

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