Low blood pressure

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I generally have low blood pressure but when I'm on lighter life it gets even lower. I regularly get light headed and feel faint when I stand up. It's a pain but it isn't a problem health wise. I've lost 22 lbs in 5 weeks on LL so I figure its a small price to pay for great weight loss


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Totally agree!!! Id put up with it anyday! Just wondered if anyone had the same issue, mines fairly low anyway but drops quite dramatically when on LL : )

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my BP was ok at the start but 6 stone lighter it is not really low and stuffering alot with dizzy spells etc,

glad i'm not the only one. Only thing is it makes me want to eat to feel better:mad:


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I don't have low blood pressure but I know our counsellor recommends putting salt in the soup to raise your blood pressure a bit. Worth a try??
Hope it helps.


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i had low blood pressure at a doctors check up about a month into lighter life total, the doc advised drink more water, and sure enough the blood pressure went back to normal by the time of the next check-up 4 weeks later (plus the benefit of drinking more aiding the weight loss)