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Low cal treats and eats!


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I am gradually building up a good supply of low cal recipes for down days, repeating them is good as I don't have to think about it too much. Here's a few, please add to them, the more the merrier.

50g lean ham 65 cals
75g lettuce, cucumber and celery 12cals
1 dessertspoon waistline 13 cals.

Chop all of the above into a nice bowl, sit comfy and crunch away for a mere 90 cals!!!!

Follow with a mini milk lolly for 30 cals, a mini twister lolly for 46 cals or 100ml of Cart D'or Light vanilla ice cream (which is gorgeous:D) for 68 cals.

My tasty omlette is a mixture of;

2 egg whites 30cals
1 large egg 93cals
75g mushrooms 12cals
50g Shallots 12 cals
Peeled and seeded tomato 15cals
Spray oil 2 cals
Soy sauce and lea and perrins 5 cals
mixed herbs and black pepper

Chop veg finely and 'fry' with seasonings over a low heat till soft and smelling yummy. Beat eggs and pour over, allow to set, flip (if you're feeling flash), serve and enjoy for a tinsy 169 cals!;)

More tomorrow!

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Quorn cottage pie 300g - 177 cals.

Perfect for anyone who fancies a warm meal but is in a rush.

Cheese salad with salad cream
60g lettuce, 45g cucumber, 90g tomato,
20g salad cream, 30g double gloucester grated. 198 cals 2.6 portions fruit & veg.


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Grating cheese is a great (sorry) idea as it goes soooooo much further!


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I can't cut 30g cheese - it looks tiny, but grated all over the plate it looks like loads. It's a mind game cheese plays with me!:D
Good tip on the cheese, it is scarily high in calories.

Here is the recipe I use for bran galette, it is from the Dukan diet and a good source of dietary fibre.

Galette "sarrasin" (approx 55 calories)
I egg white
1 tbs fromage frais (fat free)
12ml wheat bran
24ml oat bran

Mix thoroughly and spread thinly into a crepe pan (very lightly sprayed with oil). Turn with a spatula when browned on first side.
This tasy pancake is similar to the savoury galettes served in french creperies. It can be filled with whatever you fancy, vegetables, ham, cheese, mushrooms, smoked salmon, or sweet things like quark and fruit.


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Just enjoyed 100g of super sweet cherries with 100ml carte D'or vanilla low cal ice cream - 112 cals of yumminess!


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I've been having strawberries with standard Carte d'Or vanilla - 50g ice cream, 100g strawberries - 133 cals. How does the low cal version compare with the standard version?


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It's about 33% less cals and quite honestly tastes even better! You have to try it Anja, it is seriously YUM!
I shall look out for that icecream too. I've been buying mini soleros, work out about 36 calories each. Another useful item for me is those round crispbakes, 44 cals each but sooo crunchy - I miss crunchy.

I have a recipe for a sort of baked cheesecake/cake which is pretty low cal, for cake anyway. The quantities here are half those of the original, I usually bake it in a loaf tin and cut into 8 slices, works out around 60 cals a slice.

2 eggs
250g of fromage frais (drained overnight, I use j-cloth)
1/3 cup splenda granulated
1 tbs flour
1 tbs cornflour

Whisk egg yolks and splenda, mix in flours and cheese. Fold in stiffly whisked whites. Pour into lightly oiled tin, bake at 160 C for about 30 minutes. It will rise , maybe split on top, and will sink after it comes out of the oven. Cool briefly in tin then turn out and cool on wire tray.
Sainsburies almond thin biscuits have only 16 cals, the only hard bit is just having one!
Mmm had one of these this morning with a cup of tea, lovely. Was gutted though when a small corner fell off onto the kitchen floor, I wanted every single bit of those 16 cals and it was the only almond in the slice!!!:p My dog soon hoovered it up though, I'm sure she didn't appreciate the low-cal content :D
Lol, I feel the same when that happens, those things break way too easily.

Anja I haven't got an Asda close by but I'll look out for those jellies next time I get the chance.


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I have started buying ready made egg and potato salads from M&S. They are 150 cals and I eat most of it for lunch and keep back a bit to go with my omlette in the evening. I add 30-40g of prawns to it to make it more interesting and it comes with a very tasty salad cream. So nice to just open it and enjoy. Very filling too, I think the new potatoes in it help to satisfy. They seem to have quite a long date on them, I bought 2 on Saturday, one for Sunday and one for Tuesday, so thats not bad!


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Oh, how about a yummy meringue nest from M&S at a mere 50 cals!!!

Just the ticket for a nibbly moment!


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ALERT my fellow Juddders!!! Skinny Cow Smoothie Lollies!

OMG they are the most gorgeous 71 cals you are ever going to eat.
They have a really great ice creamy texture so take a long while to consume. I tried the berry one and it is - SUBLIME!!!!!!
I've just made apple crisps, they are yummy and make one apple last all afternoon! Just take one good flavourful apple, slice thinly and dry in a slow oven (250 F) on a rack for about 45min-1hour. They look brown and crisp. If you want you can sprinkle a teaspoon of granulated splenda over them before baking. Cool and store in an airtight container.

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