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Low Carb AND Vegi


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There is a book called low carb vegetarian. I have it but I don't know where it is. Try looking on amazon. As a veggie you are looking at protein sources like some pulses, tofu, quorn and eggs, and then cheese, salad, veg etc. Will be able to tell you more if I could find the book!


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Good thinking Bailey! Yay for Amazon! I keep forgetting how useful it is. Had a look and there are a few: Low Carb Veggie Books
I had a book by Rose Elliott AGES ago as it was the only veggie diet book on the market at the time; she's much hailed as the queen of veggie dieting & nutrition but it was mainly tofu or lentil recipes which didn't suit me at the time, though I'd be inclined to dig it out again now. Definitely considering some of the other ones for when I go home though.


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I'm getting that Low Carb Vege book by Rose Elliot for Xmas. Hope it's good.
My OH and I are veggie and we use the Rose Elliot book plus The Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford. It's not specifically veggie but is great for understanding what you should eat for optimum health.
This is aces - didn't think there were that many Vegis!! -I always find people think that vegis dont have to diet....I am living proof!
Tiffers, your post made me laugh as recently someone said to me instead of dieting I should turn veggie as the weight drops off you! I had to confess I've been veggie for 20 years and ended up 6 stone overweight!
I know what you mean!! Just because I cant pile on the Bacon Sarnies and Meat Pies - dont mean I cant down 8 pints of cidar then Top it off with a large pitta bread with chips and garlic mayo!!

......Wish I hadnt mentioned that....mmmmm
Oh dont - they are orgasmic - especially at 2.30am on a saturday morning.....ggggrrraaarrllllgggg

PS that kitty in your pic looks beautiful!!

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I've got Rose Elliots Low Carb Veggie and the cook book she did too. I can highly recommend the 'Mockeroni Cheese' - Lovely and will keep in fridge for a few days too! Once I' have finished LL I'm intending to lead a low-carb veggie life to keep the weight off, and these two books (plus some low GI Veggie books I found by googling Amazon will provide me with LOTS of lovely options!!!!

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