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Low Carb low calorie meals/snacks

Hi everyone

I am just wondering what everyone eats to be losing every week on calorie counting?

I seem to be stuck at the same weiht or just losing a 1lb a week at the moment and seem to thik maybe my carbs are too high possibly?

Could anyone give me any easy hopefully cheap simple meal ideas please :)

Thanks :)
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im the same, my carbs are low, however i find them hard to cut out.

i think loosing a pound a week is good, least its coming off!

ill be reading the tips with interest
I'm going to try having a hard boiled egg as a snack.. at 90cals it's not high, and being protein-high, carb-low it's sustaining.

Just a thought.

Trial and error I guess, and what works for you. Fruit is good obviously cos it's generally pretty bulky and low calorie.
Hmmm.. i have been rabbing a pink and white marshmalow if i am starving. 50cals and also i have my snackajacks salt and vin popcorn which is 29cals.


wants to get super fit!
I've also done the hard boiled egg thing! Trouble is, they made me feel sick by the end so had to knock that one on the head!
How about pickled??? mmmmmm :)


wants to get super fit!
Tried that too! Eggs are not for me I think!!


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Low cal snacks are easy. Low cal and low carb is a bit trickier. I always keep a supply of hard boiled eggs, but you could always have:

Berries with some low fat (or 0% greek) yoghurt...though yoghurt has carbs, so not too much

Small tub of cottage cheese

Sugar free jelly.

Almonds...fab...6 cals each. Roast them and have them hot :)

Cheese strings

Small salad with a little salad cream or mayo.

Veggies with houmous.

Sliced chicken etc

Of course, there's load of low cal snacks that aren't low carb, and lots of low carb snacks that aren't low cal :D

To get both, you have to go for a high protein choice as it's the only macronutrient left.

Remember though, carbs don't make you fat. Calories do. But simple carbs can make some people hungry. Protein is usually a better substitute for satiety :)
so im still ok having my carbs as long as im within my calories intake?


Gone fishing
so im still ok having my carbs as long as im within my calories intake?
Absolutely :) Unless you are trying to get into ketosis, or trying to stay in ketosis, carbs don't come into the factor. Whether in ketosis or not, it still comes down to calorie intake.

But....choose good carbs...brown rather than white (to keep you more satisfied), have enough protein (again, to keep you more satisfien). Protein will help protect any lean mass which is vital when you are dieting to keep metabolism up now and after the diet.

And above all else, find what foods work for you. It's all very well me saying 'eat loads of fruit', but if fruit makes you hungry, as it does some people, perhaps don't eat loads of it.

Calorie counting is fab, because it's the purest way of dieting. All weight loss diets that work, do so by cutting calories, whether it's Atkins, SW, WW, CD, LL, LT whatever :)
Ah thankyou, fruit doesnt really make me more hungry to tell you the truth! Loving grapes at the moment!
Hi Vicky,

I pretty much lived off jacket potatoes. I replaced all types of bread with wholemeal pitta bread and crackers. I now have an addiction to carrs crackers! I would eat pasta and loads of it too. I lost quite a lot of weight in 7 weeks so it worked for me. I would be very careful on sauces which is where the cals build up. Try fry light on chicken and fry. Toss 3-4 laughing cow triangles into the pasta and mix with the chicken. add some black pepper and thats a very filling meal with hardly any cals. for snacks I had like 5 marshmellows (100cals) sainsburys do a be good to urself chocolate moouse and i must say it is the most amazing snack ever! think it's about 75cals per pot. I never used to go over 1000 cals a day. eat when you're hungry and not when it's time!
How many cals was in the pasta then wi the chicken and cheese triangeles cos i love pasta but always look at cals and think theres a lot of cals in it s i dnt really eat alot of it. Bout 220cals in jacket potato alone isnt there x
No I tend to use a small to med potato so about 170? maybe less. 20cals per triangle if you use the purple ones Pasta is about 80cals and then the chicken is 170? it's quite a lot but you can eat half and half. but like if you only have the pasta and cheese its like 150 cals so it's nothing really. You will get bored after a while so maybe you can try different things with it. Good luck!
Ohh thankyou :) Will try it, how much pasta roughly do you boil for them calories?
Ermm now that's a good question! I have some one those electrnic WW scales where they tell you how many cals etc. I think if I remember correctly 80g of pasta is about 90cals? it maybe less but thats just plain pasta. I just found my 1st week of what I had. Do you write everything down? If you don't you should try as it really does help. Don't forget to watch the saturate fat on everything. If it's high try not to use it if you can :)
Hey Dani I need to check it's a black and white one and I get it from Tescos. I'll find out tomorrow and let you know which one it is :)


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Hi everyone,

I am flitting around the boards at the minute so I keep popping up everywhere.

A low carb, low cal snack that I have and find satisfying, especially if needing something sweet is:

two eggwhites whisked up with a couple of sweeteners in and a drop of vanilla essence. Fry off with frylight as a sort of pancake type thing. Flip over and when done serve with a table spoon of apricot sugar free jam. The whole thing is roughly about 60 kcals, depending on which jam you buy. The egg whites are roughly 17 kcal each. It isn't a pancake but I find it as a good substitute.xx

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