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Low carb treat?


Call me Linzi...
Having spent pretty much a lifetime indulging in treats its amazing how this woe means I am no longer even interested in them... but that doesn't mean I don't fancy something everynow & again...

Do you have a low carb treat that helps keep you going??

I love peanut butter only 1tsp tho as that has 1.2 carbs in it!!!
85% dark chocolate 2 squares, 20g, (which is all I need) 3 carbs
Applewood smoked cheddar, comes in a 20g wrapped portion & helps me not OD on cheese which I could be very prone to do!
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I too love that applewood chedder in portions, or babybel. Pepperami are ok but my fav is pork scratchings :D
I have a sweet tooth sometimes - at others it's just not a problem - but when I feel in danger of giving in to a chocolate craving, and hardly ever! I have a little double cream, stir in some splenda and mix in a tiny amount of chopped mixed nuts, not even a teaspoonful. I stir it up and make myself wait a few minutes before eating so there's no temptation to make up some more! Somehow it works for me!
funny that i drink a bit of cream and that stops me not always mind if I have a sugar craving it rarely passes, but if I am hungry I do that and seems to work

Yes Nic, know what you mean. Have some Atkins bars (more devil food?) in my drawer at work. Thankfully have been so busy i've not bothered with them. Mind you in the past i would've scoffed the lot by now.

Yes EmmaMum a little bit of cream is oddly satisfying.

What is it with us girls that we get the snackies? Jim do you/did you used to get the snackies? Be interested to know...
Sure I did, I used to eat loads of snacks, baby bell's (especially after I learned to strip off the red wax wrapper) pepperami's and hairy lumps.

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