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Low point sweets


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Wine gums are 1 point ? Wow..

I also have the asda 3 for a £1 bags, there usually about 4.5 for the whole bag and I half the bag and have that
Caxton pink & whites are cheap for a pack of 6 and are only 0.5 points.
Stick them in the microwave for 10 secs and all the marshmallow goes all soft.. they're gorge :) x
when i fancy something sweet i grab a mini twister choc lolly from frezzer there only half point each and last little bit longer than a choc bar. Or i buy the funsize pack (alot about at mo because of holloween)i know mars 1.5 pts, milky way 1.5pts, skittles 1pts, starburst juicy gums 0.5pts, twix 2pts, snickers 2pts, galaxy 2.5pts and bounty 2.5pts remember there points for funsize only.

I get alot of milky way crispy rolls 3pts or two finger kit kat 2.5pts or fry turkish delight 3pts.

need a treat every now and then
10p Flumps from tesco express or co-ops or some corner shops there 30 calories so I reckon 1-3 of them are like 1/2 point :D
SUGAR FREE ones - don't mistake the normal ones or you could go over you pointage :)
Thanks, I dont even know were to get sugar free ones from ? any ideas?
Aplen light chocolate and fudge cereal bars...only one point and absolutely lovely. There are another flavours of the 'light' variety but i stick to this flavour as im a chocoholic ;)

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