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Low pp cereals!!!!!

Well unless I have my calculations wrong (am new to PP you see), you can have 40g of cornflakes or rice krispies for 4 pp and thats quite a large amount.
Ye I know there low but there tasteless lol then I've to add sugar which is 1pp per teaspoon it's just so hard to find something tasty & low lol....thanks 4 the suggestions tho :)
How about sugar puffs they are quite tasty, or porridge and add some fresh fruit?
I'm shopping tomorrow and have decided to get the variety packs for variety :rolleyes: as I get bored easily. I always top my cereal with berries..........usually OSS, but really want a change so hopefully that will do it for me enough to keep me interested! :D
rice krispies and coco pops cereal bars are 2pp each ... i like to have these ... if i need something more filling i have a tin of fruit too, juice drained.
also no added milk needed with cereal bars ;)

or belvita breakfast biscuits are good.
2 for 3pp
4 for 6pp
i have 50grm of readybrek made with 250ml of water throw into micro for 2 mins then add frozen berries.. been having this for a year now and it's still my favourite meal as all the berries are different so each mouthful is different:) oh and only 5pp
Ciara b said:
Hi all just wondering if any1 Wud have any other suggestions on low pp cereals. I'm abit fed up eating branflakes & wheatabix lol I bought special k oats & honey an I just thought they were fab but 5pp per 30g bowl so not that low lol any other ones ou there :)
5pp? Are you working that out using the NI that also says (with 125ml milk)? Make sure to measure your milk, I use about 100mls in mine (skimmed milk). And I work out special k cereals are 1pp per 10g. So I have about 4pp in my cereals generally. I find most cereal is 1pp per 10g actually lol... X

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Try Oat So Simple sachets. I have the one with golden syrup, and when made with water id 4 pp... very yummy too especialy with bluberies or strawberrys sprinkled on! :)
Ye the 30g of special k oats & honey with 125ml of skimmed milk is 5pp they are so worth it tho there fab!!! Plus I only put milk in the bowl I dont eat they milk with cereal it doesn touch my mouth only the cereal does lol (strange I know)..... An do u have the crunchy nut wit yogurt in the bowl??? Confused lol..... The readybrek sounds yummy but I have a scale but I don't know how to use it lol and the oats so simple sounds delicious also only prob is I don't like porridge with water lol I know I sound so fussy haha thanks for all the tips tho girls great help :)
30g of rice krispies are 3pp, I allow myself a pint of ss milk a day which is 7pp. I just keep reusing a 1 pint milk bottle and fill it up every morning, then the 7pp are already written down every day
I could soooo use 7pp of milk a day lol. But I gotta limit my intake or I'd have no pp left for me dinner lol!!
7pp JUST on MILK?!?! That's crazy! I use 1pp worth of milk on cereal and that's it!
I just use it so my cereal isn't too crunchy! I don't actually drink the majority of the milk!

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