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  1. mummy2lily

    mummy2lily Member


    Looking for any tips for yummy desserts or treats with low (ish) propoints values?! Trying to compile a quick reference list, so please share your wisdom!

    I bought a points checker from group today so I'm going down to Sainsbury's tomorrow to attack the shelves :p
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  3. Frumpy Mummy

    Frumpy Mummy Full Member

    I tend to stick to ww yogurts or fruit for puds and sometimes I have the shape delights which are yummy for 3pp.

    I also have the ww bars (2pp), kit kats (2pp), fibre plus bars (3pp) etc for snacks, sorry but im not very adventurous so I could prob do with some tips to :D x
  4. aloofasc

    aloofasc Full Member

    I love sweet things after dinner, and I have gone tangle twister mad! They are only 2 propoints and yummy!!
  5. graciebabes

    graciebabes will hit target this time

    M&S count on us choc mousse.. 2PP absolutely delish!! Xx
  6. susana78

    susana78 Full Member

    today i made ice cream(1pp).
    frosen banana, summer red fruit frosen,with milk.blend everything,
    put in the frezer,4 dinner tonight..is really good.u can use 0 fat greek yoghurt instead of milk.:bliss:
  7. top_stuff

    top_stuff Full Member

    Is the 0 fat Greek yogurt zero points? If so that's zero point ice cream innit?! That sounds toooo good to be true! Lol. X
  8. top_stuff

    top_stuff Full Member

    Forget that last MSG... U put it was 1pp... Stupid me, got excited. Lol. X
  9. susana78

    susana78 Full Member

    well, is 1pp, but was a big bowl. i ate yesterday,with passion fruit on top, and i still have 4 today, is a lot..i enjoy it.
  10. top_stuff

    top_stuff Full Member

    I made what u thort was banana ice cream.... Bananas and milk whizzed up... But its bin in the freezer since yesterday n it's (unsurprisingly) absolute rock solid. Lol... I've put it in the fridge to defrost a bit.... Hope it don't take long!!
  11. susana78

    susana78 Full Member

    i never try,only with banana. i saw in tv,they use it with yoghurt ,and was alright..my with berrys, is ok.and i put milk..
  12. jayneharrison

    jayneharrison Full Member

    I know I bang on about these all the time, but Caramac and Wispa ice-cream bars (from multipacks) work out at 3pp each, give you a massive chocolate hit and the packs of 5 are only £1 in Tesco. I also love Butterkist toffee popcorn - 25g multipack bags are also 3pp each.

    I buy all of the above on my weekly shop because they feel like a real treat, satisfy my sweet tooth and help to keep me on the straight and narrow because they easily fit in with my daily points.
  13. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    I second the butterkist popcorn for 3pp
    I also love a 30g bag of manhattan popcorn for 4pp (they do 15g bags in a multipack for 2pp too!)
    Loop the loop ice creams are 2pp.
    Mini galaxy ripples are 2pp.
    Tayto snax - 2pp
    Dairylea dunkers - 3pp
    Mini crunch corners - 3pp
    Special K choc & raspberry - 2pp
    And a Cadbury flake from multipack is only 4pp :)
  14. LittleMissThin 17

    LittleMissThin 17 wants to be skinny ♥

    Mini milky ways are 2pp or 2 for 3pp :)
  15. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    Whoa whoa whoa... TWO for 3pp. How did I not know about this lol...

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  16. Georgia...

    Georgia... Full Member

    Nestle white milky buttons (snack pack approx 20g) 2pp per pack

    Cadburys Fudge 3pp

    Curlywurly 3pp

    Mini bags of Maltesers 3pp per pack

    Ryvita salt & vinegar crispy things 3pp per pack
  17. azwethinkweiz

    azwethinkweiz Gold Member

    Mmm... Some of my favorite snacks...
    Tayto Snaps - 2pp
    Burger bites - 2pp
    Chickatees -2pp
    Banshee bones -3pp
    Hula hoops -4pp
    Jonnie onion rings -4pp
    King crisps -5pp (4pp for multipack)
    Hunky dorys -6pp
    Monster munch -4pp
    Boots shapers bacon bites -3pp
    Boots shapers nougat bars -3pp
    Rice krispie square -3pp
    Breaksize square -2pp
    Cadbury bliss, 2 chunks -3pp
    Cadbury snow star cake -4pp (oooh christmassy)
    Mars cake bar -3pp
    Cadbury mini roll -3pp
    Mr.Kipling French fancy -3pp
    Carrs melts X 2 -1pp
    Freddo -3pp (X2 = 5pp)
    Kitkat, funsize -3pp
    Galaxy bubbly -5pp
    Cadbury rich tea -2pp (X2 = 3pp)
    McVities mini choc digestives -3pp
    McVities mini cookies -3pp
    Mini jammie dodgers -2pp
    Magnum, mini -5pp
    Mini ice berger -3pp (X2 = 5pp)
    Kinder pingui -4pp
    Strawberry cornetto -5pp

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  18. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Walkers salt and vinegar from multipack = 4pp
    Be good to yourself houmous 50g = 2pp
    Sugar free jelly = 0pp
    Flake from multipack = 4pp
    Activia fat free yoghurts = 2pp
    Nairns chocolate, choc chip oat cakes (wheat free) - 1pp (2= 2pp)

    Thats all I have for now xxxx :)
  19. QtNutmeg

    QtNutmeg Full Member

    Here in NZ we've got 'Zilch' icecream which I hope exists elsewhere as is absolutely delicious- especially the vanilla bean flavour. Its only 1PP per 45g and can be blended up with fruit etc to bulk it out and refrozen to give a really low points dessert :) Also comes in chocolate, and sorbet flavours like passionfruit.
  20. QtNutmeg

    QtNutmeg Full Member

    One other trick I do often is jelly and fruit cups (classic but so great)- take a little patience but are brilliant as are 0 points!. Using weightwatchers jelly make up one and split between three ordinary water glasses, allow to set. Pick another flavour and make that up to 1/2- 2/3 strength. Allow to almost set then push bits of cut up fruit - strawberry, melon, kiwifruit and pineapple are especially good!- and then put back in fridge to fully set. If you like you can add one further layer of a different flavour jelly again on top - have done that before to make traffic light jelly cup. A feast for the eyes and for the stomach!! These are perfect for when you are craving something sweet to round off dinner but don't have the points for anything. Can also add a bit of yoghurt or icecream on top and it makes the pointed stuff go much further.
  21. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Gold Member

    Is that a full sized cornetto? Any ideas on choc one?

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