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Low syn dessert/cake

Hi there everyone,

Well i am going to attempt to do the SW pizza tonight which was in the July magazine, would anyone have any ideas on a low syn dessert/cake i could make for my husband and i tonight, i have weigh in tomorrow night so i don't want to be silly but want something nice and sweet for afters!

Please help if you can it would be much appreciated

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I ate my willpower!
Fruity crumble

Serves: 4
Syns per serving:
7 Syns on Original and Green
1 orange, peeled & diced
1 banana, sliced
2 pears, peeled, cored & diced
4 tbsp water
artificial sweetener, to taste
57g/2 oz self-raising wholemeal flour
¼ tsp cinnamon
28g/1 oz low fat margarine
1 level tbsp demerara sugar
1. Preheat the oven to 190°C/Gas 5.
2. Sift the flour and cinnamon into a bowl. Rub in the margarine until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
3. Spoon over the fruit mixture and sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 20 minutes, until the topping is crisp and golden.


I ate my willpower!
Choco-orange bread pudding
Serves: 6
Syns per serving:
5½ Syns on Green and Original

8 slices of white bread from a small 400g loaf
4 level tablespoons reduced sugar marmalade
4 large eggs
340g/12oz very low fat natural fromage frais, plus a little to decorate
28g/1oz cocoa powder
1 teaspoon finely grated orange rind
5-6 tablespoon granulated artificial sweetener
14g/½oz plain chocolate
orange zest, to decorate

1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas
Mark 4. Sandwich the slices of bread together with the marmalade to make four sandwiches. Cut into quarters and lay the sandwiches overlapping in a small, ovenproof baking dish.​
2. Make the custard: in a bowl, beat the eggs, add the fromage frais, sieve in the cocoa. Mix together until well combined. Stir in the orange rind and add sufficient sweetener to taste. Spoon the chocolate custard over the sandwiches to cover them completely, making sure it sinks between the sandwiches as well.
3. Stand the dish in a roasting tin and pour in boiling water to come halfway up the side of the dish. Bake for 25-30 minutes until just set and a knife inserted into the centre comes out clean. Remove from the tin of water and stand for 10 minutes.
4. Place into individual serving bowls, grate the chocolate over and serve with the remaining fromage frais and orange zest.


I ate my willpower!
Orange Jelly

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Serves: 4
Syns per serving: 3½ Syns on both choicesPreparation: approx 10 minutes plus cooling and setting[/FONT]

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 sachet sugar-free orange jelly crystals [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]2 x 150g pots Total 0% fat Greek yogurt [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1oz/28g cocoa powder [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]2 tbsp granulated artificial sweetener [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 large orange[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1oz/28g plain chocolate[/FONT]

1. Dissolve the jelly crystals in ¼ pt/142ml boiling water. Top up with a further ½pt/284ml cold water and set aside to cool completely.
2. Place the yogurt in a bowl and sieve in the cocoa powder and artificial sweetener, beating well to combine.
3. Gently pour the cooled jelly into the yogurt mixture, whisking at the same time, until smooth. Divide the mixture between 4 individual pudding moulds or serving dishes. Place in the fridge for at least 2 hours until set.
4. Meanwhile, using a sharp knife, slice the top and bottom off the orange and slice off the peel, taking away as much of the white pith as possible. Slice between each segment to release the flesh. Cover and chill until required.
5. To serve, dip the moulds in hot water for a few seconds and then invert on to serving plates. Serve with orange segments, and grate over the chocolate.


I ate my willpower!
Strawberry Mousse

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Serves: 4
Syns per serving:

1½ Syns on Green and Original
Preparation time:
approx 10 minutes plus chilling

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1 sachet strawberry sugar free jelly crystals
7oz/198g fresh strawberries
7oz/198g very low fat natural fromage frais

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]1. Place the jelly crystals in a measuring jug, make up to 200ml with boiling water and leave to cool. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]2. Roughly chop the strawberries, place in a food processor with the fromage frais and blend until smooth. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]3. Pour the purée into a bowl and stir in the cooled jelly. [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]4. Pour into 4 plastic glasses and chill for 2-3 hours until set. Keep chilled until required[/FONT]

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