Lunch Ideas - lets share!!

Hi all

new to minimins but not to slimming world, i've lost half a stone in the past but went it alone and have put most back on. New year, new me and I have a goal: i want to love how i look! hoping slimming world will help me get there.

i'm all about planning my meals, i do fine with lunch and tea but often get stuck for lunch ideas - I thought maybe we could come here and post what we have for lunch each day so that we can hopefully learn from and inspire each other to keep going!

I dont get chance to eat til about 12:30pm each day (very hectic job!) so during the week i tend to skip breakfast and have a bigger lunch.

Today I had:
ham roll ups (3x laughing cow light triangles (hea) wrapped in ham)
cucumber sticks and humous (heb 27g)
muller light with seeds and oats mixed in (few syns but more exciting and filling than a plain old yogurt!)

i am very full!! I work 13 hour days monday to wednesday so big lunch to get me through til 7ish is essential!

what did you all have??xx
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Mrs V

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If you have access to a microwave or even a kettle then the world is your oyster Hun.
Try jacket potatoes, pasta salads, couscous. If not, how about making some stews or soups and taking them to work with you in a flask. You can then sip on them throughout the day.


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My lunches this week are:
* SW quiche with salad
* Spicy carrot soup with pagen krisprolls and laughing cow light
* Quorn and bean chilli + couscous
* Pasta, tuna and sweetcorn plus a salad
* Pasta with pesto and veggies

I take my hot things in a food flask. I also have plenty of fruit for during the day and plan a snack for the afternoon (eg.... ryvita and small piece of cheese (20g) (I managed to get this in a vending machine today !, sugar free jelly and yoghurt, sw quiche, carrot sticks, seeds or nuts.


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I copied an extra easy recipe... Ham (get a joint of ham its delicious) potato, chopped apple, spring onion, fromage frais mixed with mustard, peppers.. it really is very yummy
mmm all your ideas sound lovely! i have a kettle and a microwave here so i can heat things up. I'm in the process of cooking a jacket potato in the microwave and i have some hoops and laughing cow to go inside - plus the usual yogurt and fruit to go with!

i like the idea of planning a little snack in between that might stop me feeling like i'm starving myself from lunch til tea - even though i'm usually full if i stop and think about it! what snacks do you normally have? are they always syn free ones or do you use hea/b's?

How do i make sw quiche does anybody have a recipe?

is cous cous free on green? and what do you have with it? i dont think i've tried it before!

thanks guys!!


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cous cous is free. its really nice with salmon, but plain cous cous can be really boring. have it mediaterean. its also useful if you want to make really nice potato wedges or chips... after coating the potatoes with fry light cover in cous cous and it will add taste to ya potatoes.. i learnt it off come dine with me!!
also cous cous can just go with roasted veggies like courgette and peppers etc or can be in stuffed peppers.. added with beef.. etc
oooh sounds good, i think i will invest! i like the sound of these wedges and stuffed pepper is a great idea!
i love come dine with me. . .makes me hugry though!!
does anybody have any tips for low syn desserts/treats? these are the things i really miss, dont we all!!