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  1. benji55

    benji55 Well-Known Member

    anyone know how many propoints in a small pkt of peanut m&ms
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  3. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Well-Known Member

    Chocolate pp's

    Cadburys - all standard size
    Boost 8
    Cream egg 5
    Chomp 3
    Crunchie 5
    Curly wurly 3
    Double decker 6
    Flake 5
    Flake dipped 6
    Picnic 6
    Time out 5
    Twirl 6

    Dime bar 4

    Mars - all standard size
    Bounty dark 8
    Bounty milk 7
    1 Celebrations (any) 1
    Minstrels (42g bag) 6
    Galaxy caramel 7
    Galaxy milk chocolate (50g) 8
    Galaxy raisin almond etc(46g) 7
    M&m's chocolate (45g) 6
    M&m's peanut (45g) 6
    Maltesers (37g) 5
    Mars bar 8
    Mars planets (37g) 5
    Milky way 3
    Magic stars (31g)5
    Revels (35g) 5
    Topic 6
    Twix 8

    Nestle - all standard size
    Aero & aero mint 7
    Aero chunky 6
    Kitkat 1 finger 2
    2 fingers 3
    4 fingers 7
    Kitkat chunky 7
    Kitkat chunky p-nut butter 7
    Lion bar 11
    Milky bar 13g 2
    25g 4
    34g 5
    Toffee crisp 6
    Walnut whip 5

    Chocolate orange bar 40g 6
    1 piece Chocolate orange 1

    Toblerone 50g 7
  4. Mets

    Mets Well-Known Member

    Mmmmmmmmm chocolate!
  5. Loser85

    Loser85 Well-Known Member

    milky way at 3 pp could easily become a new evening treat for me. Just shows you though some of these arnt as bad as youd expect. Proves you dont have to cut anything out with WW. All about things in moderation.
  6. FionaJT

    FionaJT New Member

    have just discovered tonight that Malteser bunnies are only 4pp. They are to die for :)
  7. Bindi

    Bindi Well-Known Member

    Have been having ww choc bars and curly wurlys for the choc hit since starting ww. Bought galaxy ripples at the wkend, they are 5 pp.
    Double decker for 6 pp isnt too bad, cut it in half and stick it in the fridge for 3 pp, nice....
  8. dawson66

    dawson66 Well-Known Member


    great love chocolate
  9. dawson66

    dawson66 Well-Known Member

    my fav is the terrys chocolate orange
  10. pudnpie

    pudnpie Well-Known Member

    Few of my choc treats

    M&s chocolate teacake 2pps
    M&s walnut whip 4pp
    Kellogs milk chocolate fibre plus bars 3pps
    Turkish delight 5pps
  11. Bindi

    Bindi Well-Known Member

    Hi, jsut wondering where you got these pp values, I had a double decker tonight and when I worked out the pp it was 7.
  12. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Well-Known Member

    They're all taken from the ww shop book. I'll double check the double deckers for you tho!
  13. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Well-Known Member

    Hello again. It's all very confusing but the ww shop states a 50g double decker is 6pps n a 65g large double decker is 8pps. I looked up the nutritional value for the 50g bar n pointed this at 7pps just as u did!

    It's never gonna work if the bloody info from ww is wrong eh?!
  14. Bindi

    Bindi Well-Known Member

    I agree, have found a lot of discrepencies so I point everything.
  15. chocaslim

    chocaslim adores posting

    Hi this is a great thread does anyone know how many pps in the twin cadbury bunnies thanks
  16. sunshine33

    sunshine33 New Member

    3pp per bunny :) worked it out from the pack a couple of weeks ago.
  17. Christine2610

    Christine2610 Member

    I worked da bunnies out as 2 per bunny they are delish!
  18. Kelsey

    Kelsey Well-Known Member

    Mmm going to try one of these :)

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  19. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    anyone got the pp for snickers ?

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