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Hi everyone,
I have been on LL since April and changed last week to CD, anyway have to say that although I love the flavours so much more than LL I am really struggling with SSing. Anyway at the moment i weigh 12st 10lbs and my goal is 11 st. Have been thinking about what to do for a little while now and have decided that I am going to SS for another 3 weeks and then join WW. Hopefully I shall be very near my goal and can get there with the help of WW. Does anyone have any experience of doing this. Not sure if I can lose weight with WW now after following cd etc do you think that the weight will go back on? At the end of the day I have to return to normal food one day and know that i need the structure of the WW plan to keep me in control if that makes sense and it will keep me on track just frightened that by reintroducing food this way I shall gain, but not really sure if I could handle the management i have just had enough of the food paks now.

I feel like i am going to take a massive step and i am so frightened of it, hope someone out there can ease my worries and help me understand what i can expect in term of weight ain and loss if i go the WW route.

Lots of love Busy XX
WW will seem like a doddle in comparsion to VLCD, but there are so many choices to be had (food wise)

I'd say its a good plan, but i would move up to 790 then 1000 before WW (or during the few week or so) just to 'wean' yourself out of Ketosis in case of a gain

Good Luck! Sounds like a plan!

Sounda a very sensible decision to me... so long as you feel that now you are able to be disciplined with yourself enough to follow the WW plan to the letter?

I don't know whether u might be better going across in stages though?? So u go a little into the maintanance stages of the Cambridge Diet?? Re-introduce real food gradually (hopefully avoid mad eating binges and cravings?)

Obviously I can't talk from experience... It's just a thought to ponder

Sometimes the hardest thing is actually making the decision - now you've done that i'm sure you can succeed with whatever you put your mind to. :)

Good luck and i look forward to reading about the rest of your journey. :)
CD is excellent so how about going for one of the higher programmes such as 790 or 1000? I worry about your glycogen :(