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Extra Easy Maintaining weight after 4 weeks..


Hello to everyone- I am new here :D

I did extra easy and lost 22 pounds, (now I am back to my normal weight). However, I am finding it difficult to maintain. I didnt go to a group- I was online, and after I reached target that was it.
It seems that it is now more tempting to eat some extra syns, but I do not want to put that weight back on and have to start all over again. Saying that, I dont want to keep losing either. :eek:

Has anyone got any tips? And I am sorry if this has been reposted before :)
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sweet pink

is losing for shoes
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Firstly well done on reaching target!!! I'm not at that stage yet so can't really offer you any advice but I'm pretty sure there is a thread on the sub forum 'through the stones to your zone' for those at target & maintaining. Maybe someone there would be able to offer you some advice on the right thing to be doing now :)
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I've been at target now for 7 months and one thing I do is follow all the principles of slimming world e.g. -

sw chips, no oil on roast potatoes, cut the fat off meat / roast chicken remove the skin.
remember that i should have 1/3 superfree at a meal. drink diet drinks, choose healthier alcoholic drinks (e.g. wine / spirits over cider/beer); remember treats are treats, not to be having every day.

i genuinely believe slimming world for me is a way of life (i have followed the principles for about 10 years and have always maintained within 7 lbs ). I rejoined after having a baby as needing to get my focus back.

So thats my advice - allow youself to have treats, still weigh in weekly and if you put on a couple of pounds go back to the plan and work out where you went wrong (too many treats maybe).

oh and the other thing i do = i dont plan to eat bread (i eat weetabix in the morning and if i am able to have a non bread lunch then i will). I havent given it up, if i need to take a sandwich for work then i will.


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The advice you are given in group is to adjust your healthy extras rather than syns until you find a balance.

I'm still 1lb from target so this is something new I'm now have to get my head through - although looking at my weight losses for the last couple of months, I know how to maintain grrrrrrr.


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I've found that nothing has changed, I follow Slimming World exactly as if I was still trying to lose, but I will allow myself treats if I'm safely within target range - but pull it back a little if I'm at the top end of range. Some weeks I will lose, others I will gain or STS, it all pretty much evens out.

In fact, my technique is pretty much identical to geordielass 21


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I stick to plan. My body seems to be 100% content here, so I eat normally, 15 syns and HEx measured and eaten.

I find I'm a very happy bunny, most of the time, as I can eat what I like... just in moderation. :)
Hello all :)

am new here so just managed to find the thread again through searching and read the replies.

Wanted to say thank you to everyone it is truly a help :)

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