Maintenance Motivation


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I have stabilised at below my target weight so obviously my target was too high.
When I first lost the weight the compliments were coming from all directions but now people are getting used to me they are dying down.
I know this might sound shallow but while the compliments flowed I had no probs keeping focussed but I am worried what it is going to be like when I am no longer special?
After a while it will just be normal to other people to see the slim me.
How have other people managed long term to keep it off or does it become second nature?

At the moment I am still in the right place but I need to stay here so any advice from long termers would be greatly appreciated.

The answer is to always keep complimenting yourself inside and then everyday you hear positive comments about your new size and hence you will want to keep it off.
It's no shallow. I'm one of the least shallow people I've met yet I seem to need it:confused:

It's human nature and I'm constantly on the look out for old people who haven't seen me at my new weight;)

Mike's advice is good. Compliment yourself.
And look back at old pictures of yourself and remember that you have acheived your "dream" and don't let it slip.