Making Porridge??


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Is it OK to microwave it until it bubbles and rises?

This is how I make it and it comes out yummy.

I mix it in a litre size jug with warm water using the hand blender for about 30 seconds, then pour it into a microwavable bowl and put it in the microwave for 1 min 15 sec until it starts to bubble up. When it cools it goes really thick and yummy.
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I thought you were meant to microwave it for longer - you must have a fab machine!

I don't blitz mine because it comes out like rubber, I mix it and then microwave for 40 sec, let settle then the final 20 seconds.

I love my porridge!


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You shouldn't really m/wave it for more than one minute.

The porridge is the only CD meal that can be m/waved for more than 15 seconds (think it's 15 seconds anyway). But one minute is the limit for porridge


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ooo i love the porridge, had it 3 times a day sometimes. I add 220ml water, half tsp cocoa (doesn't take me out of ketosis) and microwave 1min, come out slighly lumpy and lovely and runny lol....just how i like it :)


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I am the weirdo who has no microwave... panicked at first and though I couldn't have the porridge, but tried it on cooker top and it works fine. I use a very gentle heat from cold and mix the whole time, and never let it get anywhere near boiling so hopefully the nutritional content isn't affected. It comes out fab and I have it with nutmeg or cinnamon. Yum!