Well it's 8wks today that me and hubby go to the Maldives. I have decided to do what I have never done before and that is to log-in and blog the next few weeks. Hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow.

Our 1st trip was Nov '04 and I weighed 13/7.....Nov '05 I weighed 10/11. Today I weigh 12/10..:( ...So hopefully this time I will weigh slightly less. I hope so as I have no "big" summer clothing to wear!

So today is CD day. Hubby has taken every bit of food to our house down south and I am just left with water and foodpacks. I am here alone now until Friday evening when he returns. I have no money unless i go to a town and use a machine but I have no intentions of even getting dressed until have plenty of books and studying to be getting along with so fellow minis....wish me luck..:)

Steffi X
Good Luck steffi, you can do it, just think of strolling on those white sands, looking gorgeous and feeling great! Holidays are a great incentive, I am off on a cruise in 26 days(who's counting!) and I am determined to lose another 12lbs before I go which will make me a nice 2 stone lighter than when I started again 9 weeks ago. Love
Hi Steffi,

Strolling on those white sands and looking great as Barb has said is such an incentive...makes me want to go too:)

It will be interesting to see where we all are in eight weeks time as regards our weight.

I am 12st 4lb. and have not shifted in ages...or it seems like that...

So I hope you will remind me in eight weeks time how you have done and I can see if I have made any progress.

I have big plans as from today to make time for my toning and stretching exercise and a little bit of walking.

Hopefully I can keep this promise to myself.

Best wishes and here's to a slimmer you walking those white sandy beaches and swimming in the clear blue seas.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for your support it means alot...:)

Well day 2 today and I got through yesterday ok. I am not going to weigh until Monday as I can become quite obsessive with them scales.

Hubby foned last night and asked how I was doing, told him I was doing ok. He reminded me of how I am when on holiday...he says he will be chuffed to bits when I get this weight off....not because he thinks I am fat or anything...he says it really drives him insane the amount of clothes changes I do when it's time to go for dinner....All I say is " Not wearing that" and fling whatever on the floor.."That's horrible" chuck it on the bed....." Can't wear that it's too tight"......I really am a nightmare when it's time to go out.

So this time I will be slim and hopefully my clothes won't be tight and I won't look a frump. Even tho I am 46 I am going to be a beach babe......Well in my head I will be anyway..:p

Steffi X
The maldives - you lucky thing. I've been lucky enough to go twice and it is my favourite place.

Which island are you going to?

I know what you mean about clothes though. There is a big difference between me planning my hols next month nearish target and me going to see my parents overseas in May sobbing on the bed with clothes all over the floor and an empty suitcase cos nothing fitted!

Hope the next 8 weeks go really well for you.
Thankyou Irene for your kind words...:)

Hi Soraya,
This will be our 3rd visit and we go to Kuramathi....I love the people and think we will continue going there's wonderful to go back and see the same islanders from the year before. They are just as excited about seeing us as we are them......

Which island do you visit?

Steffi x
Hubby and I went to the Maldives for honeymoon 8 1/2 years ago.

We had to get married during the school holidays as I was at uni as a mature student.

I was so good and took my Economics texts with me and even read a page of one of them :p

We'd love to go back as I can safely say that the honeymoon was the first time in my life where I was actually relaxed and not looking at doing the next thing. Haven't been many occasions since then either :(
Hi, Been to Ari Beach as it was before it's demise and then to Hakura Hura which I loved as all the standard rooms are water bungalows.

Have to admit that I tend to go for the best deal that is of the standard I want.

Off to Egypt in a month and looking forward to a week of rest...
Well here I am on day 3 and my mouth is tasting yucky yuck!
I guess ketosis has arrived....:D

I just had a peek on the scales and I am 4 1/2 pound down already so well pleased with that.

Only 53 more sleeps but to be honest I am more excited about losing weight than going on holiday at the moment..;)

Steffi x
Hi Steffi

How are you doing? I presume you haven't been on for a few days as hubby is up. Your hols sounds fantastic. There's an incentive for you!

I have booked a holiday too. Moved to Llandudno on Thursday, I stay until next Friday and then I'm back to Edinburgh for 2 weeks then off to Menorca for a week. I am so looking forward to it. It's been a long time since I've had a holiday!

Hope the SSing is going well and I'll ctach up with you soon!