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4 points?! thats crazy lol......oh well you get about 4 in the funsized bags, so ill be hunting around for a low point chocolate snack
yes!!! i love curly wurlys!!!!! wahooooooooo
Ah... a chocolate thread.... *puts feet up*
Bare in mind that I used to be a hardcore 250g bar of Galaxy a day chocolate guzzler, so anything deemed "useless" for a chocolate fix will not appear on any list I make.... haha. Maltesers are surprisingly bad value for WW or Calories really!

My lowest chocolate point treats are:

Milky Way - 22g bar for 1.5 points
WW Cookie Bar from the meetings - 1.5 points and OH MY GOD, seriously, a colleague gave me one of these yesterday and it has prompted me to actually re-join a class, it was THAT good.
Fudge - 2
Chomp - 2.5
Curly Wurly as already recommended, try chilling to make it last longer too - 2.5
2 finger Kit Kat - 2.5
Milky way Crispy Rolls - 2 sticks in a packet, 3 points for the packet
Snack [Shortcake with chocolate, 6 in a pack] - 3 points a pack
Galaxy Ripple - 3.5
Walnut Whip - 3.5
Bueno [2 sticks in a pack] - 3.5 a pack for either the white or the milk chocolate ones
Magic Stars - 4 points a pack
Crunchie - 4
Galaxy Bubbles - 4
Toblerone - Snack size 35g bar - 4
Time Out - 2 sticks in a pack - 4 points a pack
Galaxy Caramel - 4.5

Kit Kat Chunky's are unfortunately 5.5 points :'(

Hope that's some help :)
Jenny i thought the milky way crisp rolls where 0.5 for one, then 1.5 for both of em? :(

oh and also flakes from a multi-pack are only 3 points each :)

milky bar raisin and biscuit is only 4 points also :)
Jenny i thought the milky way crisp rolls where 0.5 for one, then 1.5 for both of em? :(
I think it's 1.5 each, the info I get is 68cals and 2 sat fat per stick.... :( Wish it was 0.5, they're so nice!

This is for the 25g packs [12.5g sticks], I don't know if there are maybe treatsized ones too that could be less?
aww damn it bet it's changed now then :( use to be 0.5 got it off uk lady luck you see :(

Milky Way Crispy roll 0.5 (1.5 for 2 fingers)

that;s what it says on there :( meanie things love em too been pointing wrong! luckly haven't had em in about 2 or 3 weeks!

just checked on the site and seems along the line someones thought it was 64cals and 2 sat fat for whole thing, but says 12.5 which is only one stick damn thanks Jenny!! could have made a huge mistake having these on hols when thinking they are only 0.5! :)

btw if anyone needs it;


tells you everything :) xx

if i have chocolate from now on i'm sticking to fudge, chomp or curly wurly!! lmao i know i'm safe :p or a flake from multi pack ha :D
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thanks girlies! i will be off out to get my choccie fix lol!
oh and BTW the jaffa mini tubs (you get about 6 in em) are 2.5ponts per tub-bargain lol!

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