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Man vs Food makes me hungry


Not evil at all
I used to but try to avoid food shows these days! Man Vs Food is torture. Once me and my bf drove to KFC after watching it because the episode had this chicken and waffles place in it, thought I would die if I didn't eat KFC right that minute. KFC gravy should be illegal.

You know I was thinking the other day there are so many food shows on TV it's hard to avoid food porn. My bf is obsessed with Hairy Bikers, River Cottage, Masterchef, No Reservations, Nigella, etc etc etc. I usually don't watch them with him because I just get hungry but he says watching them satisfies his food cravings:confused:


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Vixxster said:
And I quite fancy Adam Richman.

And I want me some pulled pork sandwich.

No fair!

Does anyone else watch this and torture themselves??

Did you know there's a Sw recipe for pulled pork?

HexB wholemeal roll et voila! xx


Nojo on the YoYo
Yeah I have made slow roast pork shoulder but it's just too hard to not eat the crackling and the fat. And brown bread rolls just don't cut it. I don't make it anymore, it's bad bad bad!! :D

EP I know the episode you mean, me and my BF did the exact same thing!!!!! Damn you Richman!!!!


Does anyone else watch this and torture themselves??

Hahaha, when I read this first I thought you said touch, not torture! :eek:


x x x
I love this program.... watched him fail at a 4lb blueberry pancake earlier, my bloke was sat there asking how many pancakes I could make him with 1 egg.....


Will be a skinny mini!
Ha ha my hubby was watching this I was drooling over the buritos. Ha ha


A happy downward spiral
I LOVE this show.

Sometimes I think the places look horrible so I try to focus on that but sometimes... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ....

Sometimes I could lick the screen!!

Happy Holidays

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I love Man v Food & watch the programme with so many thoughts running round in my head. The main one being, how can I make that SW friendly, usually the answer I tell myself is you can't.

But how the heck can he eat all that food in one go:eek: I thought I had a steel lined stomach, but flippin eck hes must be something special to keep down the strange concoctions he eats.


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I love this show... Apart from all the super spicey challenges - seen one seen them all lol

Man V Food and Outrageous Food always make me super hungry!!

Dolly Rocker

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OMG I literally sit drooling at the telly!!!

I want to move over there just to try some of that stuff!!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm it is torture watching it but i just cant help myself

D xxx


Mini crazy cat lady
Dang, I love this show! And Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Makes me wanna hire a car and drive round the US eating all the food, then returning to the UK at least 4 stone heavier :D

B's lovely lady

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Auburn said:
I love this program.... watched him fail at a 4lb blueberry pancake earlier, my bloke was sat there asking how many pancakes I could make him with 1 egg.....

I watched this with my hubby Sunday too!!! I was willing him on to do it....looked so dry in the end.... I'd have wanted chocolate sauce all over it mmmmmmmm

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
I love this show as well. We sit watching it while we eat our dinner sometimes so that Im not tempted to eat any naughty things and every now and then there are things that could be made SW friendly not sure if SW would encourage the massive portions though hehe
Also how come he isnt massively fat?



Nojo on the YoYo
he spends every moment he's not recording the show working out apparently.

His new show, Man V Food Nation, he lets other people do the challenges. I think they were getting to him! We haven't got it in the UK yet, I have been pestering the Good Food channel with requests!

Diners, Drive Ins and Dives I like that one too! The guy isn't as funny as Adam though!

I love all the MVF fans here coming out of the woodwork. It's like 'My name's Thingybob and I'm a Man V Foodaholic!! :D :D :D


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As far as I'm concerned the my lust towards the food is only a secondary lust :) Adam Richman all the way! You'd think watching him stuff himself silly would be enough to put me off - but no! My bf doesn't mind though, he gets food porn, I get Adam.. Seems a fair deal.. But if he ever asks me half way through to make him a burger stuffed with cheese and bacon, wrapped in bacon, served on French toast I've told him I'm sending for the men in White coats!! X