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Hi All,

I just wanted to know if anyone else was worried about going on Management. I know I can honestly trust myself now food is concerned and will not go back to pigging out... I just really don't think I can afford to do it and really dont want to go on to management unless absolutely

I know I'm only half way through now, but I can see the weight falling off and now wanting to know about re-introducing foods again. My group are now at the same stage and asking my LLC about management and what it entails, all i know is that you start off on 3 packs a day and a handsized piece of protein.

I guess what im wanting to know is:

a) how much does it cost?
b) is it vital that you do this or can you just eat healthily
c) Has anyone NOT done Management - and how are they doing now? What did they do - and what did they eat?

Sorry for all the questions!!

Lots of Love


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How much do you have left to lose Kels?

My dad followed LL with me for a while, he had alot less to lose than me but hasn't followed management by the LL book! He's sticking to eating healthy and is still loosing! BUT he's only been not having packs for 2 weeks!

I guess it IS possible, if you're mentally set on it. but for me, as I've lost so much, and got some more to lose, I'll be sticking to the LL management groups, just because I think its best for me to do that, and in my head it will help me learn how not to put the weight back on!!
From what I saw on my LLC's noticeboard in her office, during the first two weeks of management, 3 foodpacks plus some protein, then 2 foodpacks for the next 6 weeks. For the final 4 weeks, you would be down to just one foodpack. Total weeks = 12 weeks. I can't remember how much it cost when the management starts.

I want to go into management as I have a lot to learn. I did WW twice in the past and never went on maintenance, so this time I want to stick with it to the end.

I have had the same management worries as you and I begin next week - however I have had a rollorcoaster of thoughts about can I afford it etc but I think it is our chatterbox - we feel better and we think we can finish this journey alone and we are desperate to be "normal" again but we haven't felt normal fo rso long and we think we can manage it. But really this is our mind making us beleive that we can and managment is just further training that I think we need.

I know lots of people that have done LL and all of those that have done managment have maintained their weight and all of those that felt that they could do it alone have not. That has told me enough - I will do management.

I think managment is about £50 for the first two weeks and then about £40 for another 6 - 8 weeks and then £20 for the remainder. Also with the healthy eating - we know how to do this already so why did we not do it before ?? We wouldn't be on LL if we had practiced what we preached ???

Good luck


has started again!!

I have the same worries too, but I am so far from managment at the mo! I think, from the advice I have received, and from reading the posts on Minis that it an essential part of the programme. Yes, LL is certainly costly, but as AJ has said (try reading her management thread, its fantastic!) its an investment into our health and our future, not just a treat we felt like we needed!

Hope you make the right choice for you!

Best wishes!
Just to echo what others have siad really.

I am only on week 5, so far away from management. (however dream about often :drool: )

I know I am feeling the cost pinch, but whatever happens I am going to continue with management. To be honest have been telling myself for years I know all there is to know about food and nutrition! yes I probably do know quite a bit but clearly not enough to get in such a mess over the years.

Hope you make the right choice for year, I know the packs get cheaper if you can sustain a little longer.
Also, it's worth knowing that once you have completed the maintenance programme you can still go to a weekly class for free just to get weighed and meet with your group for support. How good is that! So to me I think I am preparing for the long haul.


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The thought of management is both exciting and worrying, eventhough I am on week 5, I keep thinking far ahead to where I can have a lowly breast of chicken LOL. But I do love my food and really enjoy my cheese and wine. Can I have a little of all I like and still keep the weight off or do I have to follow a strict diet for the rest of my life to stay slim............................................. I don't know if I can be a total food nun


I learned more in management about my habits and eating patterns and at this time really needed & appreciated the counselling.
Whilst abstaining you are learning but not to the extent that you learn when food is back in your life. You need the support of your counsellor and your group!
I think that by missing out management, you are throwing all of your investment in lighterlife away! Like putting your cash into a bank with no long term interest added.
It gets cheaper by the week and is so worth it!
Invest in yourself xx


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hey everyone!

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and replys - they are all greatly recieved. I am only half way to management so maybe i shouldnt be thinking about it so soon. I have lost 2 stone 2 lbs in 6 weeks (weigh in 7 is on thursday) and with another just less than 2 stone to go i just wanted to see an end to all this.

Have really been struggling the last day or so, i dont really think im getting enought support at home and they seem o think its fine to eat complete junk in front of me and i'll be fine....its not that i even want it now really. LL has made me think so much about what and why i eat what i do already so i will only get stronger in the next 6-7 weeks.

I will prob change my mind 100 times before the weeks are up about what to do for the best/financially/healthily.

Thanks again gals for your support xxx


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