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manky tongue?



Dizzy blonde
Don't panic, everyone has it. I shows you are in ketosis. Get yourself some Listerine strips, keep brushing your tongue and drink loads of water. Welcome to the furry tongue club :D
cheers for that cee cee will cancel the doctors! panic over.

Sorry for being thick, but i've never heard of listerine strips, mouthwash yes which i use what exactly do you do with the strips?


Dizzy blonde
Think you could prob use the mouthwash, but the strips come in a little handy pack. You just let them melt in your mouth. Just use one at a time when you need them.


Says it as it is!!!
Great will keep an eye out for them x
Asda's chemist are the only place that stocks them near me! XXX Good luck in finding some..if not you could buy a little spray bottle fill it with mouthwash and squirt as nes:D


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The chemist where I got my lipotrim sold the listerine strips as they are recommended by them due to the common side effect of furry tongue syndrome.........this shows you are doing the diet right so keep up the fab work and drink plenty.
furry tongue? what exactly is a furry tongue? lol. i suppose i'll find out when it comes to the time - but it sure doesn't sound very nice. i don't have to start combing it do i? lol sorry am in a silly mood right now ^_^
Tongue scraper is good too. Plus lots and lots of water! Good luck!!
I use sand paper, works a treat! x
I have looked for listerine strips and cannot find any, where is everyone buying them???
People tend to use the large stores such as Tesco, Morrisons and Asda although none near me have them! You could also ask your chemist to stock them as you are spending so much money with them. I have also seen them on Ebay but a few are from the states.
Thanx for this post

I was really silly on friday night and ate some food (see my post on the 'lost 10lbs and fell of the wago' thread'). was really beating myself up after and wondered when i would get back into ketosis. woke up this morning with the furry tongue! woohoo - i know - silly eh - getting excited over something nasty - but atleast i know i'm back in ketosis :D

so thanx to all on this thread :) atleast i know i'm in ketosis and nufin to worry about..


Finally a size 12!
For some reason my tongue has a green tinge i brush it and it goes but wonder what it is?


Says it as it is!!!
Its the best part of this diet hunni,,,, and the part you need to be protecting...KEOTOSIS!!!

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