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Maple Syrup Diet..



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nope but you got me googling now lol


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oooooh CD sounds much more appetising!!

"The ex-Destiny’s Child singer spilled the beans on how she slimmed down and lost 1½ stone in just two weeks for her new movie, Dreamgirls, due for release next January. Beyonce’s diet apparently consisted of eating nothing for a fortnight, instead surviving on detox drinks consisting of a syrup mixed with lemon juice, water and cayenne pepper!"
yeah i know i just wanna know if it really does work?


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probably will work because you're not having anything are you??


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i remember on that supersize vs superskinny programme that was on, someone did this. think it tasted vile and she hardly lose anything, if i remember correctly....


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the maple syrup diet.. i found it quite interesting..
basically i think its for someone who has maybe a couple of stone to lose quickly.. not for any long term period.. for the simple reason.. Vitamins and minerals..
it is a type of detox diet.. similar to the lemonade diet.. few calories.. lots of liquids..

unfortunitly.. i dont know a lot about it.. it would be interesting to find out..

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i watched the program on bbc1 last night with the girl from eastenders, sonia and she tired it and lost weight, even though she said she had a few side affects...
This is the diet Beyonce used to get her down to her 'Dreamgirls' size in 2 weeks. I think she lost a hell of a lot. But in an interview afterwards, she said she LOVED the getting back to her usual size part as she got to eat lots of junk. Personally, I think it sounds a bit yuck - but it does work, something about a super detox. The lemon is good for the liver, the pepper speeds up the metabolism and the maple syrup provides the energy. BUT, you won't be getting any nutrients or vitamins (apart from those in the lemon)!!

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doesn't sound too healthy does it. Suppose if you want a quick result then maybe worth considering
I saw Natalie Cassidy's programme last night where she tried a number of 'faddy' diets including the Maple Syrup one. She lasted exactly 3 days because it made her feel so unwell (and she ended up hating even the sight of the maple syrup tin in the end :rolleyes:).

She also tried the Cabbage Soup diet (which ended up being poured down the loo) and a couple of others which various celebrities 'recommend' - all of which made her feel ill as she was getting so few nutrients.

She also tried to contact all the celebrities agents to find out if they actually HAD done the diets the magazines/newspapers said they did and not one of them had actually tried any of the diets they had been claimed to have been on (although Samantha Mamba apparently had tried the 'Steak Pie diet' :D).


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Thanks for that Summerskye, that is exactly the problem with the media. It palys on people's vulnerabilities but for what? What does anyone gain from encouraging people to do stupid and dangerous diets that may never work or are not sustainable? I never buy a paper/magazine based on their 'amazing slimming stories' as they can't be believed
that is exactly the problem with the media. It palys on people's vulnerabilities but for what? What does anyone gain from encouraging people to do stupid and dangerous diets that may never work or are not sustainable?
She was filmed interviewing the editor of one of the newspapers (The Sun I think) who admitted that celebrity slimming/weight gain stories sell more copies - and that's why they publish them.

He even said to her that after her own recent success in losing weight, the one story/photo they were waiting for was when she put it all back on again. Sheesh!!

It's not the celebrities themselves who sanction these stories (most of the time they never even know they're being printed!), but it's an effective tool for newspapers and magazines to sell more copies as they know how insatiable the public is for these kinds of stories.
I did this diet but i was adviced only to use it for a week. Well, i can tell you that it's disgusting. It made me feel so weak and hungry. Off course you loose weight because you're not getting any calories but it's only water, no fat. It's suitable for people who wanna detox but definitely not to loose weight. Since i did this for a week i can't stand cayenne pepper and when i only read the word "maplesyrup" i get the shivers all over my body.

Don't do this "diet".



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ooh! I saw that show, it amazed me what those little kids were saying. Particularly when she showed the really young ones the pictures of the thin boy, the average boy and the larger boy and asked which one had most friends, it was strange how they all pointed to the thin boy, just shows what the media does to us.

The diet itself looks really difficult, the other girl was really thin and still lost 7lbs in 5 days! Don't know if I could fancy it though, can't stand maple syrup!

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