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mates are selfish!

i have a few mates who r at a considerable weight. we went the pics before and they all went and got mcdonalds and sat in my car and ate it. for some reason i have a feeling they dont want me to do it. one of them was goin on about doin the diet and now she fones me when they r out having a meal sayin mmnn im eating a chinese. im like why tell me!!and when i say anything they r like not being funny but we are allowed to eat!

am i being a crank?

oh by the way i have NOT cheated even though i have been tempted
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I completely get where you are coming from. I just posted in my diary today about people talking about food and rubbing your face in it when they know you are doing CD. I am not sure what motivates people, whether it is thoughtlessness or sabotage but whichever you have done brilliantly to resist so far - continue you to do so and prove them all wrong. You will have the last laugh



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Are you friends is the right word? You sound like you really have yr head in the right place. Keep going with CD and its you who will trulyl have the last laugh. YOU will be slim and gorgeous whilst they will be spotty bloaters!!!

Go girl!!
Jelousy, thats all it is as thay can see your doing so well,
Tell them you will save them all your "big" clothes cos they will still need them when you are slim lol
My friend was like that at first, but has now decided when the kids go back she is going to give cd a try.
She doesnt` want to " be fat with a slim mate " xxx


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I came across this as well, my take on it is that they are jealous that you have the strength to do something about your weight, but they don't...they probably would love to be you but pride would not let them admit it...You will have the last laugh, as they see you shrinking before their eyes they will wish they had joined you...:)

You keep going girl and don't let the bu**ers grind you down, you are doing fine..whilst they are shopping in Evans or similar you can go to the skinny birds shops (OH saying).:D:D
i went to the sea side other day with mates and they all had fish n chips.... i had to walk away and go sit on my own on the rocks cos I didnt want to be around it.
To be honest tho im finding the cravings getting less and less but every now and then... it grabs u when u least expect it and u cud eat a scabby horse!
I agree with the others, sounds like a little bit of envy is going on. As for ringing you to say they're eating that's uncalled for. You just keep doing what you're doing, you know it's gonna be to your benefit. :)
I definately agree that it is an envy thing, but it is also motivated a little out of fear of the unknown.

If you become slim they possibly think that you won't be the same person anymore and they don't want to lose the friend they know.

There is always a fear of change and the unknown but it is always better to be in control of the change. By you changing means that they don't have the control and that probably scares them. By trying to make you eat they are just trying to maintain the status quo in their lives, where they feel comfortable.

As your body changes but they realise that you are still the same old you inside then they will slowly come round.

I was very lucky that all my friends were mega supportive. In fact a few have followed in my footsteps and I know feel jealous of them because I have slid backwards recently!


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awww hun dont sound like very supportive friends at all. That is very mean of them, ur supposed to help friends and support them with what they want to do. When u have lost ur weight u can show them what u have achieved sod em u dont need so called friends like that!!
I agree! They're being totally unfair! Its the main reason that I've not told people what I'm doing. Its easy enough to make excuses not to eat around people & I couldn't be doing with all of the lectures & moments that you've had! Keep strong hun... you'll show them!
One of my friends accused me of "cheating" by doing this diet to lose weight - I have never spoken to her about it again and she never asks me how I'm getting on..... it has put a barrier between us as I had expected her to be more supportive. I'll always speak to her but don't think it will ever be the same between us again

when u go top shop and selfridges and they are at evans, just hold your head up and say dont i look damn good girls!!:D:D:D:D? they might be having mcds and chinese dont mean to say you will never have it! you carry on and show them.

with friends like that!!!:D

sharon x
At the end of the day everyone likes their friends and family to be in boxes so they know what to expect and when you try and step out of your box then people can't and won't deal with it.

The fact is you are going to be slim and healthy and whether they support you or phone you every day begging you to stop it won't stop you if you set your eyes on the finish line.

Experience tells me that they will all be jumping on the diet and then you will become a reference manual for them in how to do the diet properly.

Well done on your loss so far and slimdom awaits! (for them as well if they realise it)


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