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Maximum loss in the shortest time?


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Dear all, I’m new to this site although I have been sneakily reading the threads for weeks and find it really interesting. It’s grand to hear what real people think and do about losing weight.
I have had a belly full of the opinions of people who don’t need to loose weight or have never been on a diet. I’m sick of hearing those people saying just eat less and move more like I’m a great big blob who just sits around eating cream cakes and that includes my GP!!
The fact is that I go to the gym 4 times a week to do a spin class followed by a pump class seems to go over there heads.

Anyway I’ve not come on here to moan to you lovely people but for some advice and support.

I’ve been on the Cambridge for 3.5 weeks now. I lost 7lbs in week one. 3lb in week two (I had a cold and had to resort to the odd sugary cold remedy). Last week I lost 2lb I absolutely pigged out over the weekend because it was my hubby’s 50th. I’m not bitter about it and enjoyed every mouthful that was taken with family and friends spanning the 24 years that we have been together.

I did SS week one, tried to do it week two and last week I’ve been trying to do SS+ but have only been managing 2 shakes – been told off for that one!

I am due to have a hysterectomy on the 1st July and would love to lose as much as possible by then.

I have done the Atkins in the past quite enjoyed but missed bananas...yoghurts….apples…grapes etc. Having said, that I did do it for many months with a 3 stone weight loss. The weight loss was slower than with the Cambridge though.

Does anyone have any experience of having done both and which one provided the most weight loss over the shortest time?


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I'm on lipotrim (from pharmacist) if you look on hte lipotrim forum people's weight losses range from 6 - 13 lbs in one week but you have to be strict!!


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S: 20st4.5lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 2st5.5lb(11.78%)
I havent had the experience of either - but am currently doing Slimming World and have lost just over 3 stone in about 4 and a half months - and I havent stuck to it whole heartedly! - its another option for ya to consider and nothings banned, which is good for people like me who cant cope with being restricted. Also it fits in very well with my lifestyle, I can go out with friends and eat etc. Just another food for thought (No pun intended!) xxx Good luck whatever you decide. x


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I've not done either. I'm doing low fat diet and taking Xenical. I lost 20.5lbs in 8 weeks, which is the most I've ever lost in the shortest amount of time :)


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Thanks for that you have all given me something to think about. I have been on Xenical in the past but my weight loss was minimal as I tend to eat a low fat diet anyway. I found the ……how can I say this politely ……….the waste products were difficult to flush. I’m a mobile worker and spend a lot of time in other people’s homes so I did encounter a couple of embarrassing situations that completely put me off!!

I haven’t tried Lipotrim – I read admittedly on the Cambridge forum, that it is similar to Cambridge but the shakes are not as varied or nice??

I think I am probably best sticking with the Cambridge for another week and then just having a low fat low carb diet in the 3 days leading up to surgery.

I have been told that I cannot follow a ‘diet’ for 2-3 months post op but I will continue to log on. I’m really hoping that I won’t gain any weight whilst convalescing but I will of course have all that hormonal thing going on that can make you gain weight…….I so hope I don’t get a beard lol!!

Accordng to my scales I’ve lost 4 of the 6lbs I want to loose.

Aislinn x
health is more important

I know that you want to loose weight fast, but i would suggest that you follow something that focusses primarily on health. In the end the only way to do it long term is to get healthy. All those pills and FAD diets only work while you do it - it makes life a lot less enjoyable. When you change your lifestyle it does not require any "dieting" and I found a lot of freedom in that.

The best fat burning "device" is still your body and if you are healthy you allow your body to do what it does best which is to keep you in balance and this also includes being at your perfect weight.

The "easy way" is often the hard way and the "hard way" is often the easy way. Your body responds incredibly quickly when you allow it to be healthy.:)


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Thanks for that but I only want a quick fix pre-surgery. The more I loose the easier the operation will be and quicker my recovery.

I have lost several stones over a couple of years and maintained that weight loss. I have adopted the 80/20 approach. Eating well and healthily 80 % of the time and indulging 20% of the time. The 20% covers me for alcohol and social events.
Doing the Cambridge is part of the quick fix and I do not see it as a long term solution – I simply enjoy food too much and miss things like fruit and yoghurt!!

Aislinn x


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S: 21st4lb C: 14st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 7st3lb(33.89%)
All those pills and FAD diets only work while you do it - it makes life a lot less enjoyable. When you change your lifestyle it does not require any "dieting" and I found a lot of freedom in that.
I respectfully disagree. The Xenical I'm taking is NOT faddy, and is helping me to make the changes to my lifestyle. I am following a low fat high carb diet, and am losing approx 2lbs a week. I also attend Weight Management Service at my local hospital to help me make these changes to my life. My goals are not just long term, they are permanent.
Changing your lifestyle is not just about dieting. If only it was that easy. There are many many reasons why people are overweight, from the *seemingly* obvious to the not so obvious. We are all different and we all have to do what is right for us. Be that Lipotrim, CD, SW , WW, your own plan, Weight Management ...whatever. At the end of the day we come to Minimins to be supported and to give support to like minded people.

Ali xx


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i agree. when i first heard of cambridge my immediate reaction, as it is with many, was 'that can't be healthy' and then i thought of all the diets i'd been on and how many nutrients and things i ended up missing out on because of them. in an ideal world eating healthily and focussing on that would be fantastic. but most of us are here because we have lost the knack for that. the good thing about cd is it provides the rda of all your vits minerals fat etc and then they teach you how to eat healthily as you lose weight. this is the way it's got to be for me. i've lost weight on slimming world, put it back on, so this is the way it has to be for me now :)

abz xx

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