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  1. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    Hi all,

    i've used slimfast in thepast and had sucsess with it. Problem being though i took my foot off the gas and regained what i lost. Managed to lose the 3st again for my hols in july but have since been told i have gallstones and will need an op. Have my pre-op in sept but im scared the doc will tell me he wont operate as im 21 stone. Im needing to get some shifted again but its like my will power has hopped it. I think slimfast will help as the shakes should be light enough not to irritate my gallbladder and the 600 cal meal enough to fill me but not cause pain. (i hope!)
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  3. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    Hi there, iv started slim fast today it's my fist go at it after doing Sw on and off for many years. I already feel scared of being starving hungry but I need to give it a good go. Good luck and let us know how u get on x
  4. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    Ive bitten the bullet and gone for it. Had powder in the cupboard so had my 1st shake again!

    You probably will be hungry for the first couple of days but it does get easier as your body adapts. Keep up the fluids, i'll be drinking plenty of water. Especially when my tummy starts rumbling.
  5. kayleigh.rebecca

    kayleigh.rebecca Full Member

    That's what is worrying me I'm scared I get that hungry I give up and eat my house! Ha I'm going to try to give it a good go especially the first few days as I know it will get easier once I'm into it.
    Drinking plenty of sugar free squash and water.
    Can I drink tea and coffee with small dashes of milk? X
  6. Loser85

    Loser85 Gold Member

    What im planning to do is use the asda kids fruit bags. 5 for 1.50 and around 50 cals each.Apple slices are fab. Eat 1 bag in the evening but keep the other 1 for nibbling on during the day if i get peckish.

    Last time i used skimmed milk in my coffee but only had 1 a day with my alpen light bar 1st thing. (1st snack, 80 odd cals)

    Best thing to do is try it how you want to do it.
  7. tjamyo

    tjamyo Full Member

    I'm using the tins of sf powder and mixing it with water... that takes the shake down to just under 140cals instead of 230. im not usimg the saved cls but I know theyre there if I need them. I dont notice much difference in tast doing this and the idea of an extra 180 cals a day if I need them is fab. only just started but hoping to lose 2st

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  8. RachMo

    RachMo Member

    Hi Loser85 - I had gallstones in 2012 and had my gallbladder removed after a year on a waiting list. Any low fat diet will really help stop the pain from the stones, I hope this helps and you get the op. It's the best thing I ever did! However because I can now eat all fatty food, I've put on over a stone in 18 months!! Hence why I'm on SF now too. *sigh*
  9. tjamyo

    tjamyo Full Member

    why is it so easy to put weight on and soooo hard to get it off? :/

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  10. RachMo

    RachMo Member

    I know but we can do it!! Just need to be realistic with timescales. I didn't put on 5lbs a week so I can't expect to lose 5lbs a week ?
  11. Tootsy

    Tootsy Full Member

    Well said :)

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