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I've got MBTs, yes. I love them. I really feel them working my legs - I can only take small steps in them and if I wear them all day I'm cream-crackered at the end of the day. I got mine quite cheap from an outlet place so they aren't the sexiest of shoes...a brown suede trainer-shoe type...but I love them.


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hellie, do you think they improve your posture? and do you think they tone your bum and legs?
really fancy a pair,just dont want to waste my money
a friend of mine has some - she loves them, highly recommends them

my dad has a pair of them and he loves them.but they arnt the nicest looking things.my mum has fit flops and she says they are great and they look good and so im going to get myself a pair:D


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I soooooooo want a pair of these!!! But they're so expensive. But I really should start saving... I'm not a shoe-a-holic, but I really, really want some MBTs!


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i've seen a fab pair of fit flop in john Lewis', really want a pair - think they are about 48 quid!!! :D x


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Well that it, took the plunge ordered a pair of trainer type MBT's , my credit card said 'ouch' but hopefully they will be worth it,will let you all know when my cellulite is all gone and my abs have toned, might be a while !!!!!!
I wanted a pair of these a couple of years ago (MBT) a few of the nurses in our local a&e wear then so I rekon they must be good, as those guys are on the go their whole shift-let us know how you get on


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went to a podiatrist recently because I have problems with my feet and he really didnt reccommend them, he said (and this is coming from a 'foot professional'!!) that they displace the pressure you usually have on your body from walking to other parts of your body which isnt natural (he obviously explained this far more succinctly than I have!).

I'd be wary of them especially as they're so expensive! Because they're a newish thing, no one knows the long term impact (positive or negative) that the shoes could have on your body.
I've got some fitflops - I was googling a foot problem I have and it said they would be good for it, I'm certainly in less pain when I've had them on all day (and I'm sure I walk faster!!).

Was interested in the MBT's (well, can't wear fitflops all winter!) but will wait til I've been to my podiatrist to see waht they say...only another 11 weeks to wait :rolleyes:
It's interesting that a foot-doctor-type person didn't recommend them. I have heard that a lot of health professionals wear them themselves!

I do think my posture is improved - although I've got quite good posture standing anyway. It's sitting when I slouch! They definitely tone my bum, which is a problem area of mine, cos it's really flat and un-defined. If I wear them for a couple of days a week at work and a few hours at weekends, I notice the difference. At the mo I'm a bit lazy with them and only manage once a week at work. When I'm determined, I go out for an hour's stomp in them and can definitely feel the burn in the legs and a bit of an ache the next day.

Good luck with yours, I hope you like them!! :D
These are mine:


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My boss at work (physio) has a pair. I just can't fash paying that much for a pair of trainers!


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Hellie you rascal, mind you I am very happy with mine, really getting used to them ,I should send you shopping next time !!
Where did you see them for £40?
I am uber shopper!!! I'd had my eye on some for a while but couldn't part with that much money. I was at an outlet village called Freeport. It's in Fleetwood in Lancashire, kinda near Blackpool - along that coastline. It's only a small place, but there's a few bargains to be had there. One of the sports shops there had just had a delivery the day before, so I was lucky really. The salesman chappie was quite excited to have so many in stock and he reckoned they'd be gone by the weekend. I don't think that was just a sales pitch either! They had some of the more shoe-looking ones in, and he said that a lot of people who work on their feet all day purchase them.

I am glad you're liking yours!

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