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Meal plans/shopping lists


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Hmmm... it depends what days you're planning to do. Here's an example of what i'd buy for which days...

Red days -

smoked salmon
lean lamb
lean steak
lots of salad stuff

Green days -

potatoes (for jacket pots)
lentils & pearl barley (for curries and soups)

And for both days (HE's, superfree etc) -

extra light philly (or tesco own brand)

umm.... that's about all i can think of at the mo - sorry :eek: hope it helps a bit thought :) xxxx


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I also do a weekly shop and do a list before I set out and try to stick to it or I am likely to overspend and/or buy the wrong stuff without checking labels.

Do you have any SW recipe books and/or magazine? They, together with the lovely recipes here give wonderful ideas and make it easy to plan too.

What I do is go through my recipe books and magazines and plan 7 main meals, writing down ingredients that I may not already have.
I do the same for light lunches for work.
I don't eat a proper breakfast, as I don't enjoy eating early in the morning before work so I buy extra mullerlight, fruit and alpen light bars to snack on.
I also have a shelf in my cupboard for what I call "emergencies". That is if I feel like something different to my plan or have forgotten to buy items. These are tins of free items (like baked beans, corn etc) and also pasta, cous cous etc. Also cereal if I ever feel like some. So I also top this up and add used items to the list.
I add at least a dozen mullerlights (I am greedy!) and flavoured waters.
Loads of fruit and veg to last the week but top up if I run out, and that is my shopping for the week.
I put my menu plan on the fridge and try to stick to it.
My husband does a lot, if not most, of the cooking so he knows what we are having without having to ask.
Our kids are grown up and have left so I don't have to think about them too but for the two of us, this works well.
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Welcome to Slimming World! I'm a recent returner but things don't change much. I do both green and red (and EE now) and my staples are:

Fridge/freezer - syn free yogurts including natural for sauces & marinades, ham, mushrooms, peppers, toms, mixed salad stuff, quorn mince, very lean minced beef, chicken, bacon, lemons, limes, syn free sausages, salmon filets
Veg - pots (bakers and new), lots of mixed veg in freezer, onions,
Fruit - anything and everything
Cupboard - tin toms, stir fry veg, beans, red kidney beans, pasta n sauce, rice (uncle bens, risotto, basmati), pasta, cous cous, curry spices (tikka, tandorri & medium), any other spices i.e. chilli flakes
Healthy extras - cheese, ryvita minis, milk,
Syns - low syn crisps i.e. quavers etc

I make everything from scratch I've built up quite a good range of flavourings.

I'm sure there are tons more but that lot will see me through most weeks, no problem.

Good luck, you'll love it!
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OMG YES, I sit down with all my cookery books and plan my weeks meals, including lunch and brekkie (have been known to do a whole months - sad person! ). I have my shopping list at the side of me and as I am looking at the recipes I add the ingredients to the list. I find that I can cook most recipes from any cook book and adapt them to either red/green/EE. I dry fry everything or just add a little stock, so no oil and the little extras I syn. But on EE Chicken/meat/fish/potatoes/rice/pasta/eggs/fruit and veg are free so the skies the limit on this plan. Very little to syn on most dishes. I'm a little over the top I suppose co's I actually have a diary by the cooker that I write the meals down in so the whole family knows what we are having that day, but I realy find its a big help to me co's I don't get up in the morning and think "what shall we have for dinner tonight" It also saves me money when shopping and I don't deviate from my list. Never take the family with you as they tend to be chucking stuff in the trolly that isn't on the list and adding temptation to the cupboards. There are plenty of recepies on here, just have a look and get some insperation, but do plan and always have something free you can grab in the fridge when the munchies attack.
Best of luck
Carolyne XX


S: 15st1.5lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st7.5lb BMI: 26.3 Loss: 2st10.5lb(18.2%)
Brilliant thanks guys, keep the ideas coming :D


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I'm the same as CharlotteGrace and Malaika. I plan all our main meals, using recipe books, magazine and adapting meals (like sausage and chips, i have quorn sausage, everyone else has normal sausage, everyone has SW chips) and then get staples on top like loads of veges, salad, eggs, beans, mullerlights, 0% greek yogurt, VFF fromage frais, quark, tin toms, bacon, cheese, plus the family stuff for all of us milk, bread etc. Then we have planned dinners and i have a selection of choices for lunch (omelette, salad, baked potatoes, beans on toast etc) Works well for me, and the only thing i have to get sometimes is more fruit!
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I plan which meals I am going to have in the two weeks after I go shopping, so I know what ingreediants to get. I don't allocate a meal to a specific day. I just chose which I want from my list the night before and take whatever I need out to defrost. Gives me a bit more choice that way.


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Same as Lorna really, tho looking in the freezer I seem to have an awful lot of frozen chicken breasts! I'll go to Farmfoods once a month and get their bags of raw king prawns and smoked haddock. Their fish is good quality and very reasonable. I get frozen tuna steaks in Aldi. I got some belting ones somewhere else but can't for the life of me remember where! Could it have been Asda? I don't really plan on paper, but like Malaika everything is from scratch and on EE it really is easy.

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