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  1. louisie

    louisie Full Member

    Hi all,

    was just wondering if there is a certain time you should eat all you shakes etc by. I sometimes don't have my last one till 9.30ish, is this too late or is it really down to personal preference.

    just wasnt sure if this would effect weight loss

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  3. ellietoobig!

    ellietoobig! Full Member

    I asked my cdc this yesterday, as I have my first shake at lunchtime, then tea then make a shake just before bed.
    She said you can have them anytime you want, even have all three at once (YUK!!!)
  4. Piella!!!

    Piella!!! Full Member

    I have my first a 11.30am,then the next at 5 and the last at 8-but try to spread the last one out for a few hours....
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Yep, you can have them when you want.

    Having said that, 3 at once might not be a good idea as you would get all the carbs in one go, and there is a chance that could knock you out of ketosis.

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