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Can anyone give me an idea of what good inches would be?

I know it's an odd question and there's no definitive answer but, since inches can change when lbs don't, I thought it'd be nice to have a rough 'inch' goal.

I'm aiming for a size 10-12, could anyone tell me what this would be in inches?

On myself I measure (currently at..) -

Bust - 41
Underbust - 36
Waist - 34
Hips - 43.5
Thighs - 20

I'd ideally love someone to tell me what these bodyparts measure up as for a 10-12 so I know what I'm working towards.

So far, I've lost...44.5 inches, I can't wait to lose another 3.5 as that will put me at having lost 4feet!! I'm 5ft 6 tall and it would be ridiculous/amazing if I ever lost that (66in)!
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You are right - there is no answer to your question. Even the shops can't agree on standard sizing as I can be a size 10 in one shop and 16 in another! Take a look at one of the shop websites eg M&S to see that measurements they give for different sizes
I've looked on websites etc but none give thigh measurements and also, I'm not sure how accurate they are.. I wish there was a law type thing that meant they all had to adhere to the same sizing! I cam wear a 14 dress from house of Fraser but I can't even fit into a 20 shorts in next. Again, 14 shirt in Asda, 18 is tight in new look... It's a bit disheartening when you have to seemingly go back up all those sizes you've lost
It's true one shops 10 is anothers 14. ! And as for measurements it's not that simple cos two people who are the same size could have totally dif measurements. I mean I have large bones so my legs may well measure more than someone else who Is same size. Does that make sense ?lol

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I guess what I'm really looking for is an inch goal... as inches can change when weight doesn't..

I think the best thing to do is go to a shop I use regularly and measure their size 10...so, tshirt and jeans and track to that :)
Sounds good but I find two from same shop same style same cut can still come up different. So annoying. But yes if you are trying to keep track stick to one shop initially to see if you have lost. You could always buy an outfit one size down and just try it on weekly to see how your progressing :) x

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im about 36/37 inches round my hips and 28 waist, and wear size 10 jeans and trousers, i do have quite slim legs though, so a lot depends on that. Am 14 on top at 38inch bust, but some 12's fit me too.
Thanks Lynn :D

I know how different sizes can be - different styles/shops can come up different, and different shaped and sizes people can wear the same size

But I guess, I know I want to get smaller but didn't know HOW much smaller so knowing a rough idea of what I'm working towards will help motivate me I guess..

Will be measuring a size 10 in Asda, Next and Debenhams and work out a rough average I think... til then though, your measurments are a massive help lol

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