Meat, meat and more meat


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We went to a local Sunday market today with the intention of stocking up on fruit and veg and also see what bargains were on offer at the butchers lorry.

I spent quite a bit of money but I don't think I'll need to buy any more meat before Christmas!! LOL

I only do red days so meat is my staple food source.

I think I spent about £50 in total, but I hate to think what I'd have spent if I'd bought it at a supermarket. for that I got....

14 large boneless chicken fillets no skin on
10 large lamb chops (not the little chump chops)
16 large, and I mean LARGE pork chops. these are at least 2 and a half 1/2 inches thick and will almost fill a dinner plate they're so big.
4 large joints of pork

My poor freezer is groaning it's head off it's so full LOL

We had one of the joints of pork tonight for dinner and it was gorgeous.

My mum would kill me if she knew I bought meat from the butchers lorry, she'd never buy meat from one because apparently it's all "contaminated"

Well contaminated or not, I enjoyed mine tonight LOL.

I wouldn't buy from the butchers stall in summer though... with all those flies etc buzzing around. euk!
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Sounds fab - I'm using my local butcher as I wasnt getting seriously annoyed with ASDA meat - smells really bad a day or two after purchase, even when still in date! I might have to take a trip to the market...


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I love a good red day and your meat haul sounds fantastic!

Vicsy-I find similar with Asda, don't really rate their meat. I like Morrisons for meat (but find their veg disappointing sometimes!) I'm a supermarket tart...I work my way round them all!

I love shopping at farmers markets and farm shops when I can. I wish I could more, but I'm not that well organised and struggle to fit it into the working week more often than not. Pah!


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I've had exactly the same experience with Asda meat!! So annoying!!

Whilst I live in Bristol, we spend most of our weekends in the summer just outside of Poole. There is an absolutely fabulous market in Wimbourne & I go there most Sundays, get most of my fruit & veg there (some real bargains) & I think the meat man is from a local farm. Really good meat at market prices.

Lisa x


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I can't say I buy much meat at ASDA if I'm honest. I also feel that Morrison's is the best for meat (if you have to get it from a supermarket). But I also agree, Morrison's is not the best for fruit and veg. I think if I had the money, I'd buy more at Sainsbury's... but it's a bit expensive for doing all my shopping there. So I do the rounds too. Scan the bargains at the various shops. Morrison's is near where I work, Tesco is by my house, etc. I do love a good bargain! :D

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'SUPERMARKET TART' HAHAHAHAHA that really made me laugh Hellie copter......i'm a bit of a tart myself i've been to sainsbury's, tesco, lidl and netto this week for their offers!!! hate to miss out on something!


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I am supermarket tart as well - Aldi, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Lidl - get bits from each !!


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You are all so right about Asda meat - particularly chicken - yuk!


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Morrisons is great for meat, but I think Tesco is better for vegetables.

I always stock up on sausages when I go to Morrisons, yummm x


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I get my meat from Tesco and its fine. I buy it on a Monday and it's still in date by the Sunday. At the moment they are doing 3 packs of skinless and boneless chicken breasts (3 in a pack) for £10. Same with some other meat so you can mix and match.