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  1. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Well-Known Member

    Hi all im looking at going to my slimming world group but concerned about how much it much is the joining fee and how much does it cost a week? Is there any vouchers around that people know of for free joining fee?
    Thanks in advance. X

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
  2. Dudleydo

    Dudleydo Member

    Hi, not sure about the joining fee, maybe you could google to see if there are any deals. Weekly it costs £4.95 until you get to target, then it's free so long as you stay in target range. It's not as much as 2 Costa coffees a week and it really does work! Best of luck.
  3. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot :) gotta bite the bullet and just go as doing it at home I think ahh well and easily give up. X

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x
  4. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    There is a free join voucher in reveal magazine tonight/tomorrow. Meetings are great. You really get loads out of them if you try

    Good luck xx

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  5. RM07

    RM07 Well-Known Member

    Last weeks Reveal had a free membership voucher... not sure if you'll get it tomorrow as I think it comes out on a Tuesday but worth a look. I think the joining fee otherwise is £9.95 but that includes the welcome pack which is well worth it imo. Meetings are £4.95 a week but I see it as an investment in myself, my health and my mental well being! You can also buy countdowns... buy 6 weeks and you only pay for 5. Buy 12 weeks and you only pay for 10... a very good way to make the commitment and see you in group each week (you can book holidays for the times you know you'll be away).
  6. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Well-Known Member

    Ahh I see I shall have a look in tesco tomorrow for that one then :) im getting married in june and off on honeymoon to thialand in sept so really need to do it this time. Hoping meetings will kick me up the bottom lol x
  7. jellybaby94

    jellybaby94 Active Member

    It cost me £14.95 to join and for my first week if I remember correctly, then £4.95 a week from then on. I am a student and it's tight but I manage to afford it.
  8. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    It says on the website if u join before 22nd feb it's half price membership so will be £5 to join plus the £4.95 a week.
  9. *_*cupcake*_*

    *_*cupcake*_* Well-Known Member

    Ahh thats not bad then... £10 for the first time is pretty good. X

    I Will Not Be A Fat Bride!x

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