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Meh... Pharmacy no help =(


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Hi Everyone

Well today was my first trip back to the pharmacy since I went on Tuesday and they wouldn't give me LT because I didn't have the GP permission (due to being on BP meds). Yes, I was naughty and used a left over supply to start on Wednesday despite this and got the form from the doctor yesterday so took it to the pharmacy today.

I was filled with high hopes, that I'd have a nice friendly chat about the plan, they'd give me some advice, ask me a few questions, show an interest, etc. I even told them I was currently on Day 4. And what did they say to me? Nothing, zero, zip, nada... not a word... about anything. This is how the conversation went (after the initial "we can't find your forms, you were here tuesday? oh right um..." palava)

Pharmacy "Come through the back..."
Me ...*follows*
Pharmacy "You've been on it before, yeah?"
Me "Yes, and I'm currently on Day 4 since I had a supply left over and started on Wednesday while I waited on my GP signing the form"
Pharmacy "Stand on the scales"
Me *stands on the scales*
Pharmacy *states weight* "Does that sound right?"
Me "Yes."
Pharmacy "What flavours you want?"
Me *tells them*
Pharmacy "That'll be £xx. See you next week."

I mean O.O come -on- not one single word about the plan passed their lips. All of the staff there looked totally miserable, totally unapproachable and, to be perfectly honest, didn't inspire any confidence in me whatsoever. Stupidly, lacking the confidence I do right now, I never said anything, just left the store and wondered if it'd be possible to switch my forms over to a new pharmacy. If it wasn't for the medical form I'd just do it and not look back.

Not quite sure what to do about this. Has anyone else had an unhelpful experience? Should I ring LT or should I just switch pharmacies? I feel rather nervous about going into this one and asking for all my forms so I can take them to a new pharmacy. What do you all think? Help!
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I had the same thing, one week they were bad another they were good. I honestly did not require their assistance as this forum was more than enough for all the support and info i needed.

You probably know more about LT than they do hun.


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S: 18st2lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 6st8lb(36.22%)
What worries me really is that I am on medication and so feel like I should be monitored in some way, shape or form. They made such a fuss about refusing me the shakes until I had my GP permission that it came as a bit of a shock they were so blase about it today.

In all honesty though, I do feel like I probably know more than they do. The other pharmacy I went to when I did it last time around had actually been on the plan, all of them, so they could relate to people's difficulties and actually know what it felt like to be on LT and were full of really helpful information and advice, as well as warning me about drinking the water etc. It just irks me that this place seems to take no interest at all. =/
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Hun why didnt you go back to your original pharmacy? Ive had this experience i was in tears one week after having such a c##t of a pharmacist. She basically done the same thing and managed to say all the wrong things in 5 mins. I decided from then on I wud do this alone without their advice etc everyweek now i dread goin coz i hate that woman so much. i decided the other day that if i go in and she is goin to bring to get weighed im gonna say i dont want her i want someone else. I think we deserve to see people who we like coz i pay 65euro every week and im not paying someone to make me cry!

Just go into them ask for your forms back say you found a pharmacy closer to you. they cant say no and if they ask why tell them the truth that you were expecting a little more compassion and understanding and guidance. Others have rang LT and complained thats always a choice you have!


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S: 18st2lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 6st8lb(36.22%)
Aww hon, Im so sorry to hear that, what a nightmare for you, and yet you have done so well despite this horrid woman, well done you!!

I think I'll go back next Saturday and see how they are, if I get the same response as today I may well just muster up the courage to ask for my forms so I can transfer. I couldn't make it to the other pharmacy because it's quite far from where I live and I can't get there on public transport and the cost of taxi's was just getting too much. There is another pharmacy near me that does it, in fact I rang them earlier in the week and they said they have no one on LT yet which kind of worried me but now, after this experience, I'm wondering whether or not I should go along and be their first (hopefully!) success on the plan!

Urgh, I just lack self confidence being this size, I rarely stand up for myself in public as I don't want to draw attention, you know?

Good luck for your next visit to your pharmacy, hopefully you won't have to encounter that woman again, and if you do, be brave and ask for someone else, even if only to see the look it puts on her face!! hehe ^.^
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Hahaha! yeah i tink i wud like to see her face she must know i hate her! i know wat you mean bout standing up for yourself i never do it but i really tink its an important ting to change bout myself! Being the first success cud be fun to be honest i dont think it wud make a huge difference that they have never had anyone on it before it mite be good coz all of them wud have only been trained so the knowledge wud be really fresh and they wud prob be more helpful coz they prob want to prove themselves.

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