Diary of healing myself


Hi everyone, I go for my consultation on Thursday at the pharmacy. I’ve had an amazing time looking through everyone’s diaries and really hope there are people left who will be there to support me and vice versa. ♥️
Here’s to me starting my lipotrim journey, about to have my first shake!
Day 3: Up to now everything has been okay to be honest, I started to have a hot head yesterday night! Needed to put a cold flannel on my head. I think I’ve read all the posts on the lipotrim forum, but never heard of a hot head! Was expecting hunger pangs and headaches to be honest. Wondering where everyone is?!
Day 7: just been weighed and lost 3.5kg! So pleased, onto next week!
Weigh in after 3 weeks, lost 4.5kg in 3 weeks, which is about 9.9lbs. Feeling very happy. Hope to be in the 17s by the end of October.
Thank you! I'm still going I'm on week 8 now. Lipotrim is stopping, but I am buying enough for my total weight loss journey. Are you on lipotrim at the moment?